Patient, cancer patient, gave birth to a healthy child

When jade Davis found a rare form of breast cancer in the first trimester of her pregnancy, she immediately warned about the difficulties and the dangers she’ll face.

After surgery, chemotherapy and 4 months of unrest, jade (age 36) in July gave birth to her “miracle baby” Bradley. Jade itself is well responded to the treatment of aggressive forms of cancer. “Davis completes the last cycle of infusion therapy at the end of November, but she’s glad her son was born”,- said the representative of the medical center Loma Linda University Cancer Center where she was treated. “Her doctors are confident that after one treatment, she will be able to fully cure cancer”.

The scan, conducted late last month showed no signs of the disease, said in the hospital.

Jade recalls that this path was not easy. “It’s incredible to remember what my pregnancy was a terrible element of fear. I’m happy when I look at my son and can’t ask for more”.

The girl said he first noticed a lump in her breast in March. At first she said it could be a symptom of pregnancy, but she insisted on a biopsy. Soon she found a rare form of breast cancer: breast cancer with triple negative phenotype of the second stage.

Having no guarantee that is necessary to save her life, treatment will not affect the pregnancy, the woman admitted that at first he could not understand how to feel about this. “Something inside of me grew,”she says. “I wanted to keep her child, because I couldn’t let a stranger tell me about his fate”.

Then she decided on treatment at Loma Linda University Cancer Center. “His heart was beating. I felt it inside. He struggled, so I also had to fight”,- says Davis.

She removed the breast tumor, which carried risks for her baby, and after the woman underwent several cycles of chemotherapy.

“To go through chemotherapy is difficult for anyone, and we at the Loma Linda University Cancer Center are doing everything possible to support our patients in any way”,- said Dr. jade, a specialist in breast cancer Gayatri Nagari. “In a situation jade we had to be doubly careful to guarantee the safety of the patient as well as the baby. I am very pleased to be working with the amazing team that made this possible”.


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