Astronomers have demonstrated the formation of double stars: shots

Representatives of the scientific world, exploring the Universe, recorded extremely colorful event. Authors of this amazing phenomenon were the researchers working at the Institute for extraterrestrial physics, max Planck. During the experiments, we used the capabilities of the ALMA telescope.

It is through the above devices, scientists were able to capture on video the process of forming the star pair. The underlying material has been space dust. The double star system was given the name BHB2007 11. According to preliminary estimates, the new object is located at a distance of 600-700 light-years from the nebula Barnard 59. Due to this discovery, experts also approached the step to the issue the earliest formation stages of stellar life. Also was given the answer of how double stars are formed. This publication reports League news Russia.

The thing is that when the Universe formed one star, it usually surrounds a single circular disk. However, if you are born from two stars, the shape of the disk more difficult.

First, it was noted that the universe hid the likeness goryachego Jupiter, which carried out the rotation around its own stars for 1080 minutes. High-temperature analog of the giant planet is at a distance of 1050 light years from earth.

Earlier it was reported that the black hole was a force to throw across the milky way star which is in size much more massive than our planet. So representatives of the scientific world has proved that near a black hole are black holes of medium size.


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