How to bake a cake

Как испечь бисквит

Как испечь бисквит

Who does not love to eat sweet piece of air biscuit? Supple, lush and soft … that’s about it, the main character of our article. Biscuit dough is used to create cakes, water cakes, rolls and it is baked and served in a pure form, without cream and sweets.

So, the biscuit — pastry dough made from eggs, sugar and flour. It would seem, nothing complicated, but there are still some secrets to his baking, which we will gladly share with your readers.

Как испечь бисквит

The secrets of baking a cake

  • Observe the correct ratio of ingredients. Here are the most successful: 6 eggs, 1 Cup. sugar, 1 Cup. flour, 1 pinch of baking soda 0.5 teaspoon baking powder.
  • Before whisking the eggs, keep them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes, they should be well chilled.
  • Beat eggs in a large bowl with a mixer at high speed. Halo needs to “walk” on the surface, only to sink to the bottom of the tank.
  • After the egg weight increased in volume by 4-5 times, start in small portions, add sugar.
  • Turn off the mixer and stir in the sifted flour, stir the mixture with a spoon, add the soda or baking powder. Some cooks suggest to extinguish soda with vinegar, or citric acid, in turn adding them to the dough (not pre-mixing in a spoon).
  • Baking dish cover with parchment paper and sprinkle with flour, pour the biscuit dough. Put the form with the dough should be in the already heated oven and bake at a temperature not exceeding 180 degrees. If you notice that the edges of the pastry browned and the middle is liquid, gradually turn down the heat. The product is baked for about 45 minutes, cooking time depends on the diameter of the mold.
  • During baking the oven door is better not to open the biscuit can settle. In case of emergency only slightly open door.
  • The finished cake let cool in the baking pan, then remove.Как испечь бисквит
  • The ability to bake a lush cake is one of the most important skills acquired by a skillful mistress. Of sponge cake can make a real masterpiece, adding nuts, and then smeared with cream or fondant. Just use a little imagination!

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