AI helped scientists to create a material of new generation

ИИ помог ученым создать материал нового поколения

Artificial intelligence has developed to a team of researchers, the new material without a single experiment.

Perhaps in the scientific textbooks of the future will always be present obligatory line: “consult with the AI”. Even today, when the artificial intelligence system makes the first timid attempts to understand the world around us, scientists have already been using their services to create entirely new materials. So, a team of scientists from the University of TU Delft in the Netherlands created a new material that is extremely durable and excellent compression.

Researchers in the field of materials science is constantly looking for new geometric patterns of the organization structure of the materials. Of course, first and foremost they are interested in those that can be created in the real world with a relatively small expenditure of resources and energy, and which thus will have practical benefits. “If you change the geometry of the material, it will not behave as before — for example, will break or bend differently,” explains Miguel Bessa, one of the authors of an article published in Advanced Materials.

Previously, these experiments left many months of simulation and test. Now, however, the AI is allowed to develop a completely new material without a single experiment. “Before the creation of the new pattern took about 10 tests, and some of the materials needed 100. And they wouldn’t have to bring you to your destination, because there are hundreds of thousands of different variations,” explains Bessa.

But now this era is a thing of the past. Researchers from mit and the University of California at Berkeley have even created a new system of artificial intelligence that can analyze existing research to create “recipes” of new materials.

However, the real importance of the discovery is not even in the new material and how it was developed. With this approach in the near future with the help of machine learning will be used to “train” the algorithms for independent work in a particular sphere. The only requirement in order for this approach to work, to provide the system with sufficient amount of data to analyze and continually improve the algorithms of their processing.

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