Use chicken skin

Польза куриной кожи

Польза куриной кожиWhen we talk about fried chicken, comes to mind mouth-watering Golden crust. Unfortunately, not all of it to taste, and what to say about boiled or steamed chicken? Many simply get rid of chicken skin, eating only the meat. It’s time to talk about why it is not worth doing.

Nutritionists advise to refrain from throwing chicken skin from your diet. You need to recognize that not unreasonable!

Chicken skin health

Польза куриной кожи1. Good for your heart
Do not give up chicken skin, only fat. Usually we try to avoid TRANS fats in manufactured foods. These fats can accumulate in our body and adversely affect blood pressure, but it has nothing to do with fat in the chicken skin.

Monounsaturated fats in reasonable quantities are indispensable for our health. For example, omega-3 fatty acids our bodies can obtain from fish or avocado. But omega-6 contains just the chicken skin. It is an essential component of cell membranes and other components of the cell. The balance of these acids promotes heart health.Польза куриной кожи2. More protein
Chicken skin contains not only fats, because the protein in it is overrated, and so to ignore it just not worth it. Even if you count the calories based on considerations about fitness or diet, chicken skin will not make weather. Cleaning her chicken, you are aborting healthy fats and proteins that influence the metabolism. If the choice is between a good metabolism and infringement of the calories in, you need to consider that your body is more important than balance and activity with which it can process those calories.Польза куриной кожи3. Natural seasoning
Quite strange at first to season the chicken, then to just get rid of the skins. However, the chicken skin when cooking gives a special flavor and no spice. If the recipe still requires the addition of spices, can not be afraid that the dish will be too spicy or salty, because the skin will prevent this.Польза куриной кожиWhether it’s habit or hostility, with the exception of chicken skins from the diet — just a translation of the product. From marinated chicken skin do the barbecue, wrapped in her homemade meatloaf, its just fried in breadcrumbs, as an appetizer, and she should not refuse.

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