The decision to trump to hold G-7 personal resort called blatant example of corruption of President

The acting head of the White house Mick Mulvaney announced that next year’s summit of world leaders “the Big seven” will hold in the private resort of the President of Donald trump in Miami.

The news immediately sparked bipartisan criticism. Opponents of the decision believe that trump is committed to personal profit from the presidency. The G-7 summit will attract to its ownership of thousands of foreign government officials from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK and international press.

The white house insists that trump will not get the profit from the meeting of the G-7 and, even more, will save the government millions of dollars. Mulvaney did not provide any exact numbers or calculations, stating, however, that the savings will be approximately half of the amount. He also confirmed that the White house discussed the possibility of holding a summit in Doral for free, but this version of “the impossible“, — says NBC.

“It’s the perfect place”, — said Mulvaney, adding that Doral had just built “for holding such events”.

Answering questions about conflict of interest, the White house said that taking the decision to take into account standard criteria: the number of rooms, proximity to airports, medical institutions and designated helicopter landing.

The Chairman of the chamber Jerry Nadler, DN.Y., called the decision, which was read Mulvaney, “one of the most brazen examples of corruption of the President” and stated that his Committee will continue to demand answers about the criteria of selecting the venue of the summit.

“He uses the situation and makes formal decisions on behalf of the U.S. government for their personal financial gain. The U.S. Constitution provides for preventing this kind of corruption”, — the statement says Nadler.

The candidate for the presidency in 2020 Elizabeth Warren also said the decision of administration of “corruption — a clear and simple“.

A source in the administration, trump said the President was ready for difficulties after choosing your personal resort, venue of the summit. According to him, after a barrage of criticism because of the scandal with Ukraine and the withdrawal of troops from Syria, trump “lost their fear”, because he sees the loyalty of his followers despite all the controversial decisions.

“He doesn’t care about the hype in the press and among the left. — said the source of Politico — He shows his bullet resistant”.



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