In the Danish Vejle found a treasure trove of the XV century

The South-Eastern part of Denmark became famous for the discovery of a hoard of 800 silver coins. It should be noted that the discovery was made in the town of Vejle. Partly currencies were minted in the administrative units of the Hanseatic League, and the rest in the Danish area.

According to preliminary information, the money hid in the XV century. In contemporary times, revealed tools could put together a small farm or to feed the family throughout the year. Scientists focused on what were mostly hidden vittini that gained popularity in the Hanseatic cities. It should be noted that the Danes began to be minted above a monetary unit at the end of the XIV century. The average weight of the monetary unit was 0.7 grams and you can buy it was 4 Pfennig. A historical factor in the face of the rivalry of the Hanseatic League and Denmark provoked a military conflict. This publication reports League news Russia.

So, the Danish king captured the Swedish town of Visby, who was a member of the Hanseatic League. and that was the cause of the war 1361-1370 years. In the end the Hanseatic city captured and sacked Copenhagen and forced the king to make peace on favorable terms. In the result Denmark gave the Hanseatic League the right to free trade in the Baltic sea. In the early fifteenth century, Denmark opened trade in the Baltic sea for the Dutch courts.

Previously, the Estonian island of Saaremaa education has pleased the scientific world by revealing the treasure of the era of the reign of the Vikings. Historians believe that these jewels are an investment of local capitalist.

We will remind, in Moscow, was discovered a precious treasure during the reign of Nicholas II. To discover jewels with a total value of two million rubles succeeded in Kostyanskiy pereulok. Revealed the treasure of the workers, who were engaged in the demolition of the basement structure.


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