Electronic title: the perfect loophole for scammers

Electronic passport of the vehicle (hereinafter sprts designed) should formally appear in Russia for 2020, while according to the idea of their implementation will allow to form a unified database of car owners, which in turn should make the secondary car market more transparent.

Note that now in the “electronic passport” information about the owners of the vehicles paid on a voluntary basis, this document is not fixed the fact the vehicles registration in the traffic police. Access to this information, yet have only direct participants of the system, i.e. producers, sellers, etc.

Электронные ПТС: идеальная лазейка для мошенников

According to the United leasing Association in its current form, this is the perfect loophole for crooks, because the buyer cannot be completely sure that the seller is indeed the owner of the machine due to the fact that this information can be simply not reflected in sprts designed. For comparison, a conventional paper title is fixed every car owner.

They note that to exploit this gap can even the participants of the market of new cars. For example, we already know about when on the verge of bankruptcy, the dealers have sold customers cars with sprts designed, and the car showroom did not belong, that is was not purchased from the manufacturer.

Given the seriousness of this vulnerability, it becomes clear that the system needs sprts designed the appropriate modifications, in the United leasing Association output see the creation of an alternative online service through which it would be possible to obtain data on motor vehicle registration in the traffic police.


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