Visit Zelensky for volunteers in the Donbass ended in a quarrel with illegal immigrants: “I’m not a goof” “I am President,” “I said get your Weapons” (VIDEO)

Приезд Зеленского к добровольцам на Донбасс закончился ссорой с нелегалами: "Я не лох", "Я президент", "Я сказал: Оружие убери" (ВИДЕО)

Приезд Зеленского к добровольцам на Донбасс закончился ссорой с нелегалами: "Я не лох", "Я президент", "Я сказал: Оружие убери" (ВИДЕО)

Приезд Зеленского к добровольцам на Донбасс закончился ссорой с нелегалами: "Я не лох", "Я президент", "Я сказал: Оружие убери" (ВИДЕО)

Приезд Зеленского к добровольцам на Донбасс закончился ссорой с нелегалами: "Я не лох", "Я президент", "Я сказал: Оружие убери" (ВИДЕО)

Приезд Зеленского к добровольцам на Донбасс закончился ссорой с нелегалами: "Я не лох", "Я президент", "Я сказал: Оружие убери" (ВИДЕО)

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky, who for the second day in the city gold the Luhansk region, where 7 Oct stalled the process of diversion of forces from the demarcation line, on Saturday, October 26, visited fighters of the volunteer battalion, who, as it turned out later, are illegally in the Donbass.

The President’s conversation with these people “about the withdrawal and the front” ended on the raised tones.

As stated in the Telegram of one of the channels National corpus, which is referred to UNIAN, fighters decided to treat the head of state tea and invited to sit down and talk. The head of state spoke about the necessity of withdrawal of forces and demanded to drop the gun.

“People want a challenge, – said the head of state. And you say that there were serious mistakes, losses, but I think that we all should do to end the war. Does the military – they are the main ones, with all due respect to you, there are commanders, and they’re at the forefront.”

Volunteers called Zelensky “to assess all the risks of withdrawal” which, in their view, constitutes surrender. “I don’t care who will be a truce, we have to return the territory and to prevent murder,” retorted Zelensky.

"Я президент этой страны, мне 42-й год, я ж не лох"Запитали в президента, чи зустрінеться він з ветеранами, щоб проговорити наші акції по всій країні з вимогою «Ні Капітуляції». Отримали хамську відповідь.#Золоте #ні_капітуляції? Більше в телеграмі:Останній блокпост. #Ні_Капітуляції ?

Geplaatst door Останній блокпост. #Ні_Капітуляції op Zaterdag 26 oktober 2019

When talking about actions against the cultivation of the forces which for several days pass in Ukraine, the conversation continued in a less friendly manner.

Soldier OOS (Operation joint forces) asked the President whether he will meet with veterans about the shares of “No surrender” that took place all over Ukraine: “People demanded a meeting,” said a volunteer, noting that Zelensky gave information about the protests in Ukraine and the desire of the participants to meet him.

This Zelensky said, “Who gave me? In Ukraine yesterday, it was raining, that’s what I gave”.

“You want me to formalize the relationship?” said Zelensky on a proposal to consolidate on paper acceptable to nationalists arrangement. What are you talking about, what is surrender?”.

A volunteer named Denis explained that the veterans gave to the Governor (Mykolaiv region) Stadnik a letter demanding a meeting with the President. “He gave me, I’ll read it. Look, I’m the President of this country. I’m 42 year. I’m not a sucker of some sort. I came to you and said, “Weapons off”. You me do not translate into action,” said Zelensky.

“I wanted to see in the eyes of the understanding. And saw the guy who decided that it some sucker is and brings me to another topic,” added Zelensky, again promising to read the letter.

Zelensky said that he does not care with whom to sign a truce. The main thing – to return the territory and stop the war, which killed people.

Further, between the President and the nationalists began a dispute on the raised tones, after which the head of state reiterated the purpose of his visit and departed, accompanied by advisers.

The President’s office the trip to the Donbass is not announced and not yet published any official statements on this account, marks “Interfax”.

At the meeting of the Contact group in Minsk on 1 October, the parties to the conflict in the Donbass agreed on 7 October to start breeding strength in Gold and Petrovsky, but the process was thwarted by the Ukrainian side. In LC such an outcome associated with activation of the major forces that have held protests, and then arrived to the locality of the gold with the requirement to cancel the withdrawal of the Ukrainian army.

Earlier on Saturday the parliamentary opposition accused the President and the government of failing to counter the radicals.
The framework decision on the dilution of forces and means in the Donbass signed by representatives of Ukraine, LNR, DND, Russia and the OSCE in September 2016.

The document envisages the creation of security zones at three sites: the Golden, the village of Lugansk and Petrovsky. At the moment it was achieved only at the Village Lugansk. Breeding forces in the Gold and Petrovsky remains the last outstanding condition for the organization of the summit “channel four”.

After the video of the dispute to the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky volunteers in the Donbass went viral, the press center of the headquarters Operations of joint forces (EP) has officially stated that this armed group is in the zone of military operations in the Donbass illegal.

“In a statement in the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, being in the village of Golden Lugansk region, talked to people in uniform. These people were in a private house and was presented by the volunteers, says on the staff page of OOS in Fasebook. – However, they are not representatives of any law enforcement agencies or the Armed forces of Ukraine, empowered to be and act in the area of operations of the joint forces.”

At the headquarters of the NFB noted that the law of Ukraine “On peculiarities of state policy on ensuring state sovereignty of Ukraine on the temporarily occupied territories in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions”, better known as the law on the operation of the United forces, clearly defined categories that can be found in the area of environmental weapons.

“People who interacted with the President, do not fall into any of these categories, so are Gold weapons illegally, breaking the law”, – underlined in the message.

In connection with this situation will be a trial and given a legal assessment.


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