To move molecules and cells created nanomotor

Для перемещения молекул и клеток создали наномотор

A group of scientists from China and USA developed nanomotor that can move the cell or molecules and not to damage them. This will help to target the delivery of drugs, nanomedicine, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. The results published in the journal Science Advances.

“These “micropolicy” allow with high accuracy to control the individual particles in three-dimensional space. It does not need pre-testing, marking and changing surfaces,” said one of the researchers, Professor University of California San Diego Joseph Wang.

The nanomotors consist of a hollow polymer prokapali, covered with gold. Their length is 7.5 microns, an outside diameter of five microns. They contain a small piece of Nickel, which allows to control the direction of their movement with the help of magnets. Inside surface of the capsule chemically treated for the repulsion of water so that when the motor is immersed, it spontaneously forms an air bubble. The latter helps the capsule to respond to ultrasound. When the wave “hits” on the bubble, it begins to move and pull the whole structure. To nanomotor continued to move, the researchers applied a magnetic field. Changing its direction, the researchers controlled the trajectory and speed of the “micropalama”.

The researchers tested nanomotors: with their help, they moved the particles of silica and HeLa cells, drawing them letters and forced them to climb on little ladders and blocks to show the possibility of their movement in three-dimensional space.

The authors note that the magnets, and ultrasound is relatively safe for the body, so they can be used in medicine. In the future, scientists want to improve nanomotor and make them more biocompatible. To do this, they plan to apply biodegradable polymers to replace the Nickel is less toxic magnetic material such as iron oxide.

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