The American won $200k in lottery

The man who was just heading for his last chemo, he won a lottery prize in the amount of $200 thousand, as representatives of the North Carolina lottery North Carolina Education Lottery.

Ronnie foster from the city of Pink hill, North Carolina said that initially he bought a lottery ticket for $1 and won only $5. At the last minute something compelled him to give $5 and get another 2 tickets. When he started rubbing a special protective coating on the first ticket, it turned out that he didn’t win. But then he started rubbing the second lottery ticket.

“I saw all those zeros and just stopped,”– said the foster’s North Carolina Education Lottery. “I couldn’t believe what was happening until, until I gave the ticket to the employee at the Desk, so he scanned it. When there appeared the recommendation to “Contact the main office of the lottery”, I started to shake. I couldn’t believe it”.

Foster, a former employee of the U.S. Department of transportation, retired, struggling with cancer of the colon and is approaching the end of their treatment. Thus, the lottery made a good day much better. “I was happy because it was my last chemotherapy treatment”, said foster. “Win the lottery guaranteed me a happy day”.

Although Ronnie foster notes that he has medical insurance, the portion of the amount won in the lottery will be used to pay some treatment costs that were not covered by insurance. The rest of the winnings, he plans to save for the future.

Lucky took my winnings on Friday. Taking into account the payment of the taxes he took home $141501.

As representatives of the lottery, in the year of ticket sales collected more than $700 million, which is reported to support educational programs in North Carolina.


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