The fate of the car crash after discharge is already known: experts have revealed a frightening truth

Qualified oncologists Peter and Dolgopolov openly said he is waiting for suffering from cancer, the actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk after discharge. Disappointing forecasts of experts is not a joke stirred the Network.

Well-known experts in the field of Oncology Dmitriy Petrovskiy and Igor Dolgopolov pushed the frightening assumptions about the fate of a terminally ill Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, reports LigaNews c a reference to the Russian Dialogue.

Oncologist from Yaroslavl Dmitry Petrovsky said that suffering from brain cancer Anastasia Zavorotnyuk there are several options for how events could unfold in her future fate after the mysterious discharge from the hospital.

According to the oncologist, the first option is that the news is fake and the actress is still in treatment at the clinic. The second option, he suggested: the actress took a break in the treatment.

“A break in her case it may be necessary, as all anti-cancer non-surgical treatment is most often in the form of cyclic courses,” – said the oncologist.

Dmitry also noted that there may be a third option: special treatment. It is that Anastasia was able to let go of in native walls, but soon she will return for treatment.

And the last option, according to experts, lies in the fact that the treatment of the actress has completely exhausted itself and she was just sent home to “die”. The oncologist also said that he only suggested developments and to assert nothing is not going to. According to the doctor, you need to wait for an official statement from relatives.

Oncologist Igor Dolgopolov agreed with the fourth option Petrovsky. He also suggested that the actress secretly transported from the hospital to home.

According to the specialist, days Actresses can already be found, so her family decided that Zavorotniuk need to spend his last days not in the hospital. Dolgopolov also noted that this occurred many famous stars.

“Even such a stellar patients like Michael Jackson, Steve jobs, spent their last days of life hospital, and about the native people of the house”, – said the oncologist.

According to the expert, it is very easy to set up hospice at home. He noted that this should just hire doctor’s palliative care nursing team and nurse.

Dolgopolov also added that the main criterion for the organization of home hospice love and support of relatives of critically ill patients.

“Today, the house can create conditions no worse than in the hospital. You can, for example, even to do artificial respiration. But, as the doctor thinks necessary skilled doctors, affordable medications and care for patients. Some high-tech technology is not necessary”, – concluded the expert.

As previously reported LigaNews, the reason is a mystery statement Zavorotnyuk put on the ears of the Network. Oncologist Igor Dolgopolov said, why the terminally ill actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was secretly taken away from the clinic.

It is also known that the car crash was secretly discharged from the hospital: statement by the Director of the artist panic in the Network. Admirers of the actress was seriously concerned about her condition.


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