NASA announced that a black hole will be the salvation of mankind

The American space Agency NASA has discouraged a statement, according to which the black hole can save the inhabitants of the globe. It astrophysics, Jeremy Schnitman was able to prove the validity of such a resonance theory.

The presence of a huge number of prerequisites for a General collapse will be accompanied by the fact that mankind will have nowhere to go, how to carry out resettlement in a black hole. Similarly Schnitman in tatters destroyed the idea of the writers of the film interstellar, according to which the heroes were looking for a new source of being close to the black hole planet. The scientist stressed that the existence of a star beside such a devastating funnel is eliminated. The salvation of mankind will be accretion disks, basic elements of which are combustible gases and various kinds of matter. This publication reports League news Russia.

In this case, to live on any planet in such a place seems possible, however, it is in theory.

Earlier, representatives of the scientific world predicted the absorption of the black hole of the globe. Prerequisites for the emergence of such theories was the presence of black masses in the vicinity of our planet. The presence of a crushing force of gravity is able to suck the Earth into the deadly funnel.

Recall that in outer space witnessed the outbreak of the black hole Sagittarius a*. It should be noted that the anomaly occurred at a distance of 26,000 light years from earth. However, all the theories about the deadly danger of this hole require a thorough revision.


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