“The ublyudskie regions around Moscow”: Russia through the eyes of a girl behind the wheel

25-year-old Anna from Krasnodar traveled all over the country and shared the unusual observations and photos.

All of us amuse a dense foreigners who think that Russia roam the streets bears, and in Siberia reigns GULAG. But in reality, a rare inhabitant of our country can boast that they truly saw her. Often we are living with stereotypes and prejudices, and many things you just don’t know.

Very inspiring in this sense, the experience of 25-year-old Anna Polyakova from Krasnodar – a brave woman single-handedly drove the whole of Russia by car. She recently shared on Twitter some interesting facts and photos.

“Bears out there”

“The idea that for MKAD of life is not, due to the fact that the ublyudskie and broken regions around Moscow. More is better, and Muscovites think that the farther, the higher the degree of hell.”

“Bears on the street in Russia. Look to the nearest dump or cemetery (candy on the grave) in the summer – meet”.

“Right at the train station in Kemerovo you can buy this bear. On sale. And Fox fur surprisingly only costs 1900 rubles”

“In Primorye, no crabs at the price of pasta, blocking the shelves. In Vladivostok there are no fish market, but can be directly delivered to your home order from poachers the most delicious and fresh seafood. They say that the best fresh crab than these lads, you will not find anywhere else. Strange that they’re bookmarks from crabs and shrimps still not doing it.”

Vladivostok the prices for crab, fall-2017.

“King crab, the same one found in Murmansk. There it eats local fish, spoils the waters, but to catch it legislatively impossible. Actually caught, of course. King crab from Murmansk eats marine fauna in Norway too, the Norwegians even pay extra for their catching”.

Baykal: “Buryat mafia UAZ”

“The most popular place on Baikal lake – Olkhon island. Live in General is not so beautiful as in the photo, stone island, the queue for the ferry in season 12 hours (if lucky), a couple of days – if not. Buryat mafia carries on the UAZ from the terminal to Khuzhir for 3K per person”.

Compare: postcard view of the island of Cape Burkhan…

…and the real, which is most often observed by tourists.

Anna on lake Baikal

“Altai two” – don’t confuse

“Altai two. Krai and the Republic. The edge of nothing interesting, picturesque views in the country. One day to go taiga, mountains, fields, and runs into the wilderness.”

“Aktash in the Altai have a Barter camp. There you can give 50 rubles to the guard and he will guide you to beautiful spring lake. A picture of the phone with no filters. It is very beautiful.”

The Caucasus: “the best tactic is not to get out of the car”

“Chechnya and Dagestan – two different worlds about good and bad Muslims, good Chechens. They have strict rules of vzaimovezhlivy and respect, and they follow them. In Dagestan, a nest of vipers in this regard. For example, you can have a drink or smoke. In Chechnya, no.”

“In the district Grand everything, even the bus stop”

“Local radio in Chechnya, the frequency of 106.7, plays music. Only the Sunnah and nasheeds”.

“Grozny city – the citadel of Vice. There bareheaded, tourists, there is alcohol. Local don’t go there. BUT. What was outside Chechnya, remains there. And they sometimes ride to Krasnodar or Stavropol on the spree”.

High-rise complex “Grozny city” in the center of the Chechen capital.

“You can skip the stele “Europe-Asia” in the Urals, but never miss a line of one of the Caucasus region to another. Cordons everywhere, people with guns. Men and transport inspection, women – no. If a woman without a man is coming, too, to inspect, because this is strange.”

“SDA Ossetian”

“For single travel girls no winter tundra, no fogs from the Bratsk reservoir or highway “Lena” or Kamchatka – you don’t have to so much adrenaline, as the Caucasus. The best tactic is not to get out of the car. Or take a man. Here are the rules.”

Russian roads: “dalnoboev see in nightmares”

“Most of the pictures where the truck is sinking in the mud puddle made by the Lena highway (Yakutia). In fact, this asshole is long gone, and the main problem – dust.”

“The worst track of Russia – “Kolyma”. With its length of 1800 km and only 200 asphalt. But this is not the worst, dalnoboev see in nightmares narrow switchbacks: Black and Yellow clamp. With the load and through the snow in minus 50″.

Approx. editorial: Until recently, these passes were indeed the most terrible and deadly on the Kolyma highway, presenting a narrow single-track road on a 120-metre cliff above the river, with frequent landslides and snow avalanches. That’s how they looked in 2006.

The yellow clamp.

Black clamp.

Today, however, the serpentine looks very different.

Rock blew up, the road widened and leveled, set the striker, reports in his blog the other avtopostachannia under the name Nefer. As a result, the accident rate has dropped significantly.

The yellow clamp.

Black clamp.

But back to Anna’s story.

“Dear in the far East are killed because of the fact that in summer the permafrost melts the same. The asphalt there is a special, elastic, it bends but does not crack. The problem with the roads there to explain the weather. Why disgusting roads in the Saratov region of mystery”.

“The herders go to the bathroom in pairs”

“If there was a icy hell is Norilsk. Minus 60 is real.”

In December 2017, social networks are dispersed this is a photo of Norilsk, to which was attached a humorous signature: “When the temperature rose to -20, after 40 degrees of frost”, “Norilsk -27. Nothing unusual, swipe next.”

“I was told Yakut, low temperature is not so bad. Plays a big role in humidity. For example, in Krasnodar -3 feels like -20 because of the humidity. In Yakutia, on the contrary, the air is very dry and almost distilled. And frost feels different”.

“Kemerovo – last “McDonald’s”. Further East the territory of the Subway, other fast food networkers no.”

“In the far North East to eat the eyes of a deer, drink its blood, sawing young horns and the like. If you want to talk about ethics, imagine that the child you were not watching “Duck tales” in the apartment and in the bare tundra. It is a question of survival.”

“Nothing special, just a bottle of deer blood on the counter.”

“In a supermarket in Yakutsk among the dumplings in the refrigerator presented here is a product”.

“Deciding to pee in the tundra in the winter, remember that the hot liquid dissolves the snow and the deer ran for a thaw to feed. Therefore, the herders go to the toilet in pairs. One writes the second stick reindeer rides”.

“Food at night in the Arctic circle, and then the wedding…”

“Many believe that 90% of Russian cities is something out there beyond the Urals. In the reverse rule also works. Tell kamchatca you’re from Sochi, and you will ask, how’s the weather in the Crimea have. Or ask about Artek of FC Krasnodar”.

Lenticular clouds in Chukotka.

“In Udmurtia, many measure of success is not a car, an apartment, a trip to Europe, and the presence of his bath”.

“Was this situation. A meal in the evening (photo at night, Yes). In the Arctic circle. In the Arctic tundra. And then the wedding of people. OK.”

“People in Russia live in different ways. The most notable comparison – Krasnoyarsk Krai with a rich city in the South and the wild heaths and villages for a couple of dozen people in the North”.

And this is perhaps the most obvious and powerful illustration of the contrasts.

On a paid site of the route “don” in the suburbs.

On the Amur highway between Chita and Khabarovsk.

“Amur – machine ended. Just like everything else. Nothing. And no one. It’s very cool, to be honest”.

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