Curiosity made a new selfie on Mars

Curiosity сделал новое селфи на Марсе

The Mars Rover Curiosity sent a new selfie from the surface of the red planet. It is possible to see the inside of the Gale crater, according to the jet propulsion Laboratory of NASA.

A picture made up of 57 different shots made on 11 October 2019. To the left of the Rover was located, drilled them well, the back could see the ridge of Faith ruby ridge and the slopes of mount sharp, and in the distance — and the shaft of the crater.

Recall that the Gale crater appeared 3.5 to 3.8 billion years ago after a major cosmic cataclysm. In its center there is an unusual rush of sedimentary rocks — mount sharp. It reaches a height of five kilometers, and the age is estimated at about two billion years.

This mountain was the main objective of Curiosity. During drilling operations at its foot was found on Mars the largest accumulation of clay minerals (for their formation requires water).

Overall, the Rover traveled more than 20 kilometers on the planet’s surface. His mission started in 2012 and is still ongoing.

Earlier it was reported that Curiosity has discovered the remains of an ancient salt lake. Its presence indicated a high content of mineral salts in the soil.

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