Named an unexpected benefit of vitamin D

Названа неожиданная польза витамина D

Scientists have discovered that under the influence of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, or when intake of vitamin D is changing the composition of bacteria in the human gut. According to experts, significantly improves the protective properties of the organism. The study is published in the journal Frontiers in Microbiology.

Specialists are reminded that exposure to sunlight helps the body develop vitamin D, boosting the immune system. Also, this vitamin can be taken as supplements. At this time, scientists decided to test whether there is a correlation between the production of vitamin D and the composition of the gut microbiome of a person.

The experiment, which was attended by over 20 people, was held in the winter. Volunteers spent three sessions on a one minute ultraviolet exposure of the whole body. In the end, the end of the experiment, the subjects microbial diversity increased significantly. In this part of people concurrently taking vitamin D. Have them by the end of the experiment, the composition of bacteria did not change significantly.

According to experts, most vitamin D influenced the growth of bacteria of the family Lachnospiraceae, which protect the gut from colon cancer.

Earlier in October, researchers have found a link between cancer and eating out. The reason is performancewithout acid, which is contained in packages fast food and ready meals.


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