26-year-old man from Texas earned a heart attack, drinking 4 liters of energy drinks per day

26-year-old man from Texas, had never complained of health, went to A&E due to the discomfort in his chest. He said that the cause of the pain in a heart attack that occurred as a result misuse energy.

The patient went to the hospital because of discomfort in his chest and left arm, not held over 9 hours. In addition, it was observed profuse sweating, nausea and numbness of the hands.

According to tests, heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen levels men were normal — however, cardiac catheterization showed a number of suspicious anomalies, including a total blockade of one of the arteries. The situation finally cleared up when the patient reported that daily drink 8 to 10 cans (about 4 liters) of energy drinks Monster and Rockstar, and also smokes 20 cigarettes. The man did not even guess that bad habit almost cost him his life.

According to Dr. Daniel Solomin, one of the authors of the article in Case Reports in Emergency Medicine is devoted to this case, the patient “the patient drank any energy drinks, which only could get“. That is, in the opinion of the team straw, and led to the blockage of blood vessels — causing, in turn, attack.

Though the man needed a stent in the artery to improve blood flow, soon his condition was normal. Two days later the patient was discharged from hospital on the condition that he stop drinking, and energy out of Smoking.

Doctors warn about the dangers of abusing energy drinks is not the first time. According to experts, such drinks as Red Bull or Monster cause the blood vessels to narrow, increasing the probability of the blockade — and thus a heart attack or stroke. Some studies go even further, claimingthat just one drink is enough to cause heart problems.


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