Artificial intelligence could see the person through walls

The American experts were told about the new capabilities of artificial intelligence. Recently neural networks have become available to identify the movement of individuals using radio wave information, scanning through the walls. The sensitivity of the equipment so significant that the development is able to feel the handshake.

The authors of the above anomalies are experts at the Massachusetts Institute of technology. The technology opportunities analysis of videos and snippets of radio wave signals. Initially, the algorithm has to read data through the radio transceiver, and then the neural network without any problems manage to re-create the skeletal model of the body of the individual. Then another algorithm is able to perform model on the video, trying to determine their actions. This publication reports League news Russia.

Radio wave scanning is performed with an instrument with two antennae which emit radio waves in fact, and then take them reflected from objects. These signals are generated first two-dimensional image, and then a special neural network makes skeletal models.

The American billionaire Elon Musk said that artificial intelligence poses a serious danger for humans. The existing algorithms provide the ability to skillfully manipulate the inhabitants of the globe. Also the artificial intelligence will be able to create languages that were not available to mankind.

We will remind, German researchers reported on the possible dangers of artificial intelligence this year. Cyber criminals noted that the neural network will be used for attacks on information space.


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