The scandal continues: the employees of Facebook revolted against political advertising

Hundreds of Facebook employees has written a letter to the company’s management, including its head Mark Zuckerberg, which opposed the policy of the social network that allows you to place false political advertising. Details The New York Times reported.

The document was signed by more than 250 employees. They opposed the lies by politicians. In the letter, the staff stated that the policy “threatens the values of Facebook”.

The representative of the company Bertie Thompson said that Facebook valued the opinions of the employees. However, the company “will not censor the statements of politicians”.

Previously, Mr. Zuckerberg said that the social network has considered the possibility of a ban of all political advertising. According to him, this idea decided to refuse, explaining that people should be freedom of expression.

In March 2018, it became known that Cambridge Analytica managed to collect the personal information of millions of users of Facebook. The company used this information to develop algorithms for analyzing political preferences of voters and political advertising


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