To the hospital to Zavorotnyuk immediately came the closest person to me – such a rush for a reason

It is reported that in rehab, which is now suffering from cancer Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk, urgently arrived to her mother.

The mother of a famous actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, whose health is now experiencing not the best times, came to her clinic, not just LigaNews c passes a reference to the Russian Dialogue.

It is reported that the condition of terminally ill Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is poor, so in rehab with her every day are close relatives. To support the actress, arrived and its the closest person – mom.

According to the newspaper, a visit her mother said the witnesses, who noticed the actress and her family at the hospital. Where exactly is now a disabled actress, still not disclosed, as the Anastasia family still continues to hide any information about the health star

As you know, at the moment, a disabled actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk is in a different rehab.

After discharge from the hospital the actress went to another medical center, where restore critically ill patients. Due to illness, the actress had developed a paresis of the right side of the body paralyzed right arm. Now Zavorotnyuk can not move independently.

To restore Zavorotniuk conduct classes in the hall of the occupational therapy and arrange special water treatment. Since the actress always present someone from the relatives, and medical center ambulance on duty round the clock.

As previously reported LigaNews, uh, the COP-lover Zavorotnyuk Zhigunov revealed the truth about the cause of the secret statements of the actress. Admirers of the actress was seriously concerned about her condition.

It is also known that the reason the secret statement Zavorotnyuk put on the ears of the Network. Oncologist Igor Dolgopolov said, why the terminally ill actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk was secretly taken away from the clinic.


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