In Egypt, archaeologists came across 20 unopened tombs

Egyptian surroundings pleased with a new discovery in the historical field. Despite the huge number of pyramidal structures, sarcophagi and tombs, the true success is finding intact artifacts.

A few days ago, experts involved in a scientific expedition, was discouraged by the detection of a complex of burials, consisting of 20 tombs. Amazing is also the fact that objects of antiquity preserved in pristine condition. Last so resonant finding was the discovery of the untouched tomb of the world-famous ruler, Tutankhamun. The safety of burial should be grateful ingenuity of the creators of the tomb, which the diligent and the entrance was filled with debris. That is why thieves and black archaeologists failed to find such a valuable artifact. This publication reports League news Russia.

A new discovery was made in Luxor on the West coast of the Nile. None of the sarcophagus is opened, which can not but rejoice. Details of the findings will be known later at a press-conference which will be held this Saturday.

Earlier in the vicinity of the pyramid of Cheops seekers of ancient artifacts revealed a secret passage with many rooms. In addition, the cache was placed the tomb. It should be noted that the finding dated to the era of the elevation of the fifth dynasty pharaohs.

We will remind that representatives of the scientific world have experienced some disappointment, and open the contents of the chest, located in the burial of the monarch, the famous Tutankhamun. Some time later, the researchers found that the household utensils was the possession of the wife of Pharaoh, in which nothing is left.


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