Exactly 50 years ago, originated the Internet. As it was

Ровно 50 лет назад зародился Интернет. Как это было

October 29, 1969 the Internet was born. As always, any technical and scientific progress has advanced at the expense of the military departments of various countries.

In 1957, after the Soviet Union launched the first artificial Earth satellite, the U.S. defense Department felt it necessary to develop a reliable system of data transfer. The Agency for defense advanced research projects USA (DARPA) proposed to develop for this computer network.

And for the project came from the staff of several American educational institutions: universities of California, San Francisco and Santa Barbara, the University of Utah and Stanford research center. A computer network called ARPANET (Advanced Research Projects Agency Network). In 1969, these schools were first combined with each other. The first server ARPANET was installed September 2, 1969 at the University of California (Los Angeles). Used computer Honeywell DP-516, equipped with 24 KB of RAM. Each computer would connect to six other devices through leased AT&T telephone lines. Data was transmitted at speeds up to 56 Kbps.

October 29, 1969 at 21:00 between two nodes of the ARPANET, which at a distance of 640 km, held the first communication session. Namely, Charlie Cline (Charley Kline) trying to connect remotely from Los Angeles to a computer at Stanford. His colleague bill Duvall (Bill Duvall) recorded all action taken (introduction of characters on the computer) on the phone. Interestingly, at 21:00 managed to enter just the two characters “LO”. It was planned that Charlie Cline will introduce the word LOGIN, but the network broke. After returning the ARPANET to a working state 22:30 the second attempt was successful. This experiment, in fact, and gave a beginning to the advent of the Internet.

Interestingly, the international Internet day is celebrated on April 4 — the day of death of Saint Isidore of Seville, patron Saint of pupils and students, who wrote the first ever encyclopedia Etymologiae in 20 volumes. Besides, a date 4.04 resembles the common 404 error.

And 29 October…

…2002 ASRock announced the immediate availability in the retail sale of its first motherboard G Pro. The company was founded in may 2002. His first steps have made the ASRock a subsidiary of ASUS. The new brand was supposed to compete with such OEM companies like Foxconn. ASRock was originally released exclusively on budgetary decisions. Therefore, the company has developed a reputation. Yes, the boards are sold at very low prices but with very high scrap rate and low maintainability. Needless to say, but earned in the early 2000s the reputation of ASRock pursues to this day. Although the brand has long been represented in all segments of the market and not inferior to such giants as ASUS, MSI and GIGABYTE.

In 2010 ASRock was bought by Pegatron major manufactoria. From that moment the company ceased to focus only on the budget sector. Although rumor has it that between ASUS and ASRock, there are still some agreements. In particular, the second does not have the right to produce graphics cards. Starting in 2012, ASRock is represented on the market of server hardware.

Oct 29, 2007 almost at the same time NVIDIA introduced a GeForce 8800 GT and Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650. Both devices proved to be a landmark for the industry.

As for the graphics card, the appearance of the GeForce 8800 GT was a real breath of fresh air. AMD did not succeed to impose competition GeForce 8800 GTS/GTX/Ultra, and NVIDIA themselves, and not tried to release something new. Still, the popularization of DirectX 10 have their say.

In modern games GeForce 8800 GT is equipped with 512 MB of video memory in some cases is on par with the GeForce 8800 GTX. The novelty was asking for only $ 200.

As for CPU, the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 was the first 45-nanometer serial processor. The chip belonged to the category “tick”. Therefore, still consisted of two dual-core Wolfdale modules. Stone worked at a frequency of 3 GHz and can boast the presence of a 12 MB cache second level.

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