Scientists named the most dangerous for human health product

Vegetarians can once again rejoice and throw in the roots of celery — a new discovery of scientists recognized as the most harmful product of meat. This time based this claim not only the negative effect that product has on the body, but also the environmental aspect of the problem: as it turned out, more harmful impact on the environment than meat, no.

Ученые назвали самый опасный для здоровья человека продукт

To such ambiguous findings, which were published on the pages of PNAS, came a group of scientists from the University of Oxford (UK) and Minnesota (USA). The martyrs of science have studied the impact of different products (they are divided into 15 groups) on human health and all that surrounds it. According to them, 9 of the 15 risk factors responsible for the development of the so-called diseases of old age (among them, diabetes type II diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke and cancer of the gastrointestinal tract) are somehow connected with the quality of the products.

Not spared the researchers attention and the fact that about a third of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are emissions of agriculture. 40% of the land allotted to the Earth under arable land and “the farm” field, and the lion’s share of the water reserves of the planet (70%) consumes the agricultural sector.

Did not remain without attention and a question: which foods are the worst influence on health and on the environment? This was calculated a special index AREI that allows you to calculate what harm the nature of the costs portion of food. From the point of view of the five indicators: greenhouse gas emissions, land area for production, water demand, environmental pollution in the production process and others negative impacts.

Revealed a very interesting connection that has hitherto not been able to trace more useful product for health, the less harmful to the environment to produce it. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and olive oil had less than 4 units index APEI per serving. The fish index has reached 14.

The highest AREI revealed that unprocessed red meat — 73 units per serving, and processed the index was equal to 37.

The puncture happened only in one: drinks with a high sugar content that pediatricians, then certainly long been called the most harmful product to children, and for adults, too, scored index in any of 0.95 per serving.

As specified in the study, the average positions of spite along with the fish is poultry and dairy products, eggs, can impair human health as red meat, but for the environment harmful three times less.

The conclusions scientists have come, to put it mildly, controversial: meat consumption should be reduced everywhere, and in the regions where the production of most harm to the environment. They also need some way to increase the consumption of nuts, vegetables and fruits. Meat researchers recommend to replace also the cereals, legumes and vegetable oils. Since their production is not so harmful.

Recently, Russian chief oncologist Andrey Kaprin meat included in the list of the most dangerous products that cause cancer. However, he was limited to just red meat. Conducted a few years ago, studies have proven a link between eating large amounts of red meat and especially its products and colorectal cancer (colon cancer), which in recent years more and more often. The results of many years observations of over 500 by thousands of volunteers in different countries have demonstrated that 2,5 thousand of them fell ill with colon cancer. In 20% the diagnosis was given to those who ate approximately 76 grams of red and processed meat a day. In addition, 15% was an increased risk in those who ate about 54 grams of meat a day, compared with those who consumed about eight grams.

And yet to abandon red meat and its processed products fully doctors do not call, but I advise you to seriously limit yourself in it (not more than 1 times a week not more than 100 grams).

Meanwhile, a few days ago an article about the dangers of red meat were refuted by other scientists. After careful data analysis the authors of the article “Consumption of red meat and its products: nutritional recommendations from a consortium of nutritionists Nutrimax” came to the conclusion that the consumption of red meat safely, and adults can eat it as you like.

Sensational article based on the same data, and publications about the dangers of red meat. A new study by the consortium is not spent, but used a different, more rigorous method of data analysis. It is usually applied in clinical trials of drugs. More simply means more accurate, says the article.

But in science it’s not always true. A main data source of nutrition – so-called observational studies. This population-based surveys, where a large group of people for many years recorded its consumption: what, when and how many times a day they eat. Of course, on the health of participants in observational studies in addition to diet is influenced by many other factors: lifestyle, Smoking, stress external, ecological conditions. Clinical studies in pharmacology are conducted under much tighter control, therefore, the methodology of clinical trials cannot be applied to analyze observational and Vice versa.

But even more accurate analysis of the data gave the same results: the consumption of red meat and its products carry a risk to health. However, the study authors interpreted them differently: the level of risk they called “insufficient” to impose restrictions, and the data “poor quality”. In addition, says the consortium that meat eaters like meat and enjoy it. Why would they do something to deny yourself?

It’s funny, but the environmental aspect of the problem the authors have learned from the discussions as “irrelevant to business”.


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