Russian scientists have developed a technology for the fight against cancer

Российские ученые разработали технологию борьбы с раком

Russian scientists have developed a method of “re-programming” of lymphocytes of a particular patient with cancer to develop operational immune response of the body. About it in interview “RIA Novosti” said the head of the laboratory of mechanisms of regulation of immunity SMRC Oncology, Blokhin, Professor Dmitry Kazansky.

According to him, the method involves the separation from patient’s blood lymphocytes, implementing through viral structures necessary genes to combat a specific disease. Then, the resulting “reprogrammed” cells are injected back into the patient.

The Professor said that the project “Transgene” on the instructions of the Foundation for advanced research was carried out from 2015 to 2018. The scientists were tasked to create a quick and effective tool for immune response of the body, “that is, that body passed the stage of formation of immune response and got it immediately by artificial means”.

In the preclinical testing on mice, the researchers showed the possibility of implementing such technology, said Kazan.

“Began the creation of biomedical cell products, the drugs that will cure people,” — said the scientist.

According to him, the first samples for the treatment of cancer, the researchers plan to in a few years.

Earlier in October, it was reported that French scientists from the Pasteur Institute came to the conclusion that the protein GDF11 helps fight aging and can prevent cancer.


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