The easiest starch from potatoes have always been in any kitchen. And now about this valuable product to have forgotten.When my grandmother told about its properties, I didn’t believe her, but then decided to try it. Works! Now many of the everyday problems easily solved without expensive chemicals, which I have, incidentally, was allergic.

1. Silver. Beautiful spoons and forks were able to clean very quickly. Now they just Shine. To add to the water for just 2 tsp. of starch, and soak the items, then wash the usual means.

2. Window. Now I forgot about long suffering, when glass must be rubbed to a Shine. Just add water starch, which acts as the abrasive. Are all shiny and no divorce.

3. A clean carpet. Carpeted at my house often suffers. Kids spill juices and fruit drinks, and even if it came a piece of greasy chicken on a holiday… it Turns out that it absorbs the fat from the carpets the same starch. I just sprinkle the stain with starch, it in itself absorbs dirt. After 10 minutes, you can vacuum.

4. Burns. Summer at the beach was not so often, but managed to scorch a few times. I was very surprised that restore the skin helped too starch! You must mix the powder with water to make a slurry. Next, this mixture is applied to damaged areas.

5. Light pressing. Before things were starched, and now in the process of Ironing, use special sprays, which leaves much to be desired! Prepare the means for a flawless of wrinkles can easily. Take a Cup of water 1 tablespoon of starch.

6. Aromatic sneakers. Yes, the smell in the shoes perfectly removes the starch. If you walked the whole day or just did not have time to wash my shoes, enough to pour into the starch. In a few hours he will absorb the smell, and in the morning get a clean pair. By the way, this method I removed the smell on the carpet when the kids were written.

7. And 8. Leather clothing and furniture. Cleaned my coat at home without any dry cleaners, last week even the leather upholstery on the chair is wiped clean of fat. Just sprinkle the stain with starch and wiped with a damp cloth. But the thing is to lie down for a while to soak up all this powder.

9. 10. Books and maps. Things can get rid of moisture, if you put it in a plastic bag to sleep in starch and shake.

11.Sedative. To obtain such a valuable thing should just mix the starch with your favorite essential oil. Took the lavender or rose, depending on my mood.

12.Dry shampoo. Sprinkle his head with the starch I did not, but his beloved dog coat so clean regularly. He was terribly afraid to swim, and so dry shampoo just helps!

13. Polish for furniture. Wooden objects will return an attractive appearance, if you mix a starch with water at a ratio of 1*1 and RUB this composition of the surface.

14. Toys. Barely have time to wash clothes and children’s clothing and toys do not reach hands. But the starch here was to rescue me. I like the cards placed in the package, sprinkle with starch, and shake. He takes in the dirt, I plush friends of my kids stay clean. To remove the powder, you can just vacuum toys after the procedure.

15. Irritation. When the baby was little, we often used the diapers and have tried so many industrial powders… In the end the best was the starch! Only I used it not as a regular powder and added to water during bathing 1-2 tbsp.

16. Deodorant. Interestingly, this method works well. To get rid of excessive sweating, underarms, rinse decoction of oak bark from the pharmacy, and then lightly sprinkle with starch to keep dry. I also add essential oils and use deodorant with pleasure!

17. Gravy. Grandma’s methods helped me to abandon thickeners, which a lot of gluten. When I make gravy or a sauce, then add the starch, depending on its quantity can easily vary the density of the product. I really like that it is not harmful.

18. Omelet air. Should add a bit of starch before the process of churning. The omelette will be very light and porous. This method helped to accustom the child to the eggs, as a schoolboy, he completely abandoned the eggs.

19. Paul. If creaking floorboards, it will help the starch. In principle, this problem prevented all sleep. It works like this – fills minute cracks that make noise!

20. Paint for creativity. Safe and very easy. I take 1-2 tablespoons of water, and twice that of starch, is mixed all this with the selected dye, definitely food. First, the powder bring to a boil, cool, then just add paint. This for us was the very first finger paints, but paint and a brush handy.

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