Alexander Zubchenko Mariupol is our Davos

In Mariupol started investment forum “RE: think. Invest in Ukraine”. In principle, it is a meaningless combination of Latin letters and the Cyrillic alphabet, which was attended by the President Zelensky

No, if you have decided to gather in one place the idiots who believe in Ukraine as in the “investment-attractive country”, it is possible to continue in the same spirit. Special piquancy gives the forum the fact that it passes near the training base of the battalion “Azov”, which the us Congress are asked to recognize a terrorist organization. It certainly has helped attract billions of dollars of investment in our ruined economy.

But more than that, of course, investors are attracted to our unique Cabinet, in which rides a scooter Goncharuk, however, without the traditional fur coats. But who can refuse such a “cutie” and his team of trained “sorozat” from the nursery Tomas Fiala? Presentation of the prospects for investors, the Cabinet has carried out brilliantly.

All with the move made it clear: anyone who turn up here with their dirty money, is doomed. Emphasis, apparently, on investors with a strong penchant for masochism, experiencing the joy of clear prospects to part with their savings in the most perverted form. And all of them, apparently, gathered in Mariupol. Incognito.

In the framework of the presentation of the brilliantly blended with the Minister of economy Milovanov, who openly admitted that Yes, I’m a moron, it immediately provoked a sharp rise of Ukraine in rating of openness of doing business. Similar logic follows, apparently, the entire economic bloc of the Cabinet. To demonstrate the seriousness of intentions to attract investment, “Sarasate” from the government and are Happy to brilliantly realize the problem of the collapse of basic industries of Ukraine. Mining companies know? Metallurgical, know the industry. Slapped them increased rent five or six times, to see how this will improve the investment climate.

The experiment was a success, because enterprises are stopped, people have more time for their favorite hobby. Well, there is macrame, cross-stitch. After the President’s visit to Japan very popular pastime of origami. Excellent investment climate in the Kharkiv region. The “reformers” seriously got down to business brilliant cleaning management of the strategic enterprises of the region. Potential investors applauded standing! Dismissed Dmitry Stalin and authoritative head of the GP “Energostal” prematurely terminated the contract with one of the leading Ukrainian scientists in which “Energostal” successfully compete in the global market.

Well-founded decision, because these people are not wedding photographers and never even visited lectures of the same Milovanova, in which he talked about his passion for salsa. “Turboatom” you know? A huge enterprise with world fame. It was hard to ruin everything, but for “sorozat” there are no impossible tasks. Managed. Collapse to improve the investment climate. And now officials of the Ministry of economy hamper the privatization of “Electrotyazhmash.” Obviously, preparing the enterprise to plunder. Otherwise, how to explain that a representative of the Ministry Milovanova, which is the authorised body for management of the plant, skipped a meeting of the Commission on 28 October? It is clear, financial sanctions it as servants of the people with the mandate will not impose.

Maybe even a prize envelope will give for sabotage. Because the “lovebirds” Milovanova in the form of the first Deputy head of the Ministry of economy Kuchta and Advisor to the Minister Galushchenko suspiciously slow down the process. They need to take a polygraph. And suddenly confuse climate with menopause, or privatization, with grabbing? Clearly – on the lie detector.

Sequential destruction of the system of enterprises, which until recently kept the remains of industrial production “European nation” — a brand new style kalinovskoj team. Guys vividly demonstrated what will happen to investors if they dare to go on our amazing “internal market”. Even this extremely profitable trade, like tobacco, “sorozat” managed to make a loss. What do you want – a balanced tax policy of the Cabinet gives wonderful results. I think if Ukraine legalized marijuana, the government would have quickly turned hemp production in unprofitable and unprofitable business.

Potential investors-masochists, of course, be impressed by the explicit preconditions for a social explosion, which skillfully created the “young reformers”. After all, what is the main purpose of investment activities according to the groupings Goncharuk-Milovanova? To invest billions in the country on the brink of another social upheaval. To enhance the effect should be significant to turn a major industry in the ecologically clean ashes and to invite well-known activist Greta Thunberg admire the pristine environment. No plants, no people.

Come, invest balls deep! The Prime Minister’s statement Goncharuk at a rally in Mariupol also promotes future investment boom. We said, we understand that select is not a perfect solution, but act quickly and decisively. The rapidity of dementia and determination – this slogan was embossed on the building of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers. And we should announce a competition for the monument to the unknown investor who foolishly dared to invest in the Ukrainian project.

Alexander Zubchenko

* is banned in Russia organization.


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