The driver argued the police that sober. It turned out his body itself produces alcohol

When a resident of North Carolina was stopped on suspicion of driving under the influence, the police did not believe him when the man said he did not drink.

He refused the breathalyzer, and then militiamen delivered him to the hospital, where the level of alcohol in his blood was equal to 0.2% – about 2.5 times more margin. The man swore and said that not drinking alcohol, but the doctors then didn’t believe him as police.

However, later researchers medical center of the University of Richmond in new York city (Richmond University Medical Center) eventually established that the man was telling the truth. He didn’t drink beer or cocktails, but in his gut was the yeast that made the carbohydrates in the food he ate into alcohol. In other words, his body “brewed beer”.

The results of the study were published in BMJ Open Gastroenterology.

The man was rarely diagnosed disease called syndrome autopiloten (ABS), also known as the syndrome of intestinal fermentation.

Syndrome intestinal fermentation occurs when yeast in the digestive tract cause the body to convert the carbohydrates arriving with food, alcohol. The process usually occurs in the upper part of the gastrointestinal tract that includes the stomach and the first part of the small intestine.

“These patients are the same symptoms as intoxication: breath, drowsiness, gait changes, – said Fahad Malik, lead author of the study and chief specialist in internal medicine at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The only difference here is that these patients can help antifungal drugs”.

This condition is rarely diagnosed in the past it was even considered a myth.

The publication said that it is necessary to conduct additional research on the use of probiotics for the treatment of this disease.


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