Voiced the predictions of the artists and scientists that came true in the XXI century

Research told the world about the discovery of figures of literature and art, which later became the display in the twenty-first century. For example, the year 1900 was memorable for the release of postcards of the German confectionery Hildebrand.

Small booklets could see people with wings, the outline of ships, a train, a journey of a person on water space and the presence of domes over the huge metropolis. It should be noted that the main caps destiny was to protect from unpleasant weather conditions. French artists have noted the image of robotic cleaners, automatic rollers.

In addition, they foresaw that the industry would be assigned the role of means of communication. 20 Soviet experts in their own creation talked about the fusion of robotic stations and industrial sites. This publication reports League news Russia.

Bruce Bethke in the novel cyberpunk described the decline of mankind due to the introduction of new technologies. In this world the main role played flying cars, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.

Before the supercomputer was able to predictwhat will be the outcome of the nuclear standoff between the armies of India and Pakistan. According to preliminary calculations, the arsenals of the two armies will contain about 500 ammunition, trotyl equivalent which is much more than the warheads thrown on Hiroshima.

We will remind that earlier the Pope was under force to discourage pilgrims predictions about the foreseeable future. The Pontiff urged the world community to refuse from harmful habits in order to save the globe from total collapse.


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