To legitimize the interrogation: Congress is preparing a trap for trump

Узаконить допросы: конгресс готовит ловушку для ТрампаThe President of the United States Donald trump seemed not to notice the threat of impeachment, and members of his administration continue to ignore the requests of documents from Congress and refuse to testify. But the Democrats don’t surrender and prepare a retaliatory strike.

US Democrats, who control the lower house of Parliament, collected on 31 October to adopt a formal resolution on the impeachment of the President of Donald trump in connection with the scandal that erupted after the publication of his telephone conversation with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. The document is needed to pressure the White house who is reluctant to share the documents, and his high-ranking officials often do not respond to demands to give evidence, reports The Washington Post.

The vote on the resolution formalizes the work of the Congress for impeachment. The Democratic party noted that the results of the vote will ensure transparency and provide a clear plan for the continuation of the investigation. It is expected that the resolution will be approved by a majority of votes. Democrats in the house are conducting an investigation in the framework of the impeachment, but Republicans accuse them in that process startup procedures were not designed properly using a shared vote.

In the letter to lawmakers, the speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi said that while the U.S. Constitution allows you to do without this step, such actions “will remove any doubt” about the seriousness of the investigation. According to her, the vote will be a signal to the White house that the administration has no right to ignore the agenda of the Congress and to refuse to provide documents at the request of the Commission on impeachment.

Several former administration officials, including special representative of the President of the United States Ukraine Paul Volcker and former us Ambassador to the EU, Gordon Sandland, have already testified. However, such key members of the team trump as Vice-President of the United States Michael Pence and the lawyer of the head of state Rudolph Giuliani, refused to appear before the Board.

Thus indications of some officials can seriously harm the US President. So, temporarily d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine bill Taylor noted that the investigation against the Ukrainian company Burisma, the Board of Directors which came out the hunter Biden — the son of former Vice-President USA Joe Biden was a condition for the meeting, trump and President Vladimir Zelensky. The diplomat said that the White house allegedly tried to obtain from the President of Ukraine public statements about the investigation against Biden.

The scandal surrounding the July conversation Zelensky and trump, in which the Ukrainian head promises to return to the investigation around hunter Biden, previously stirred up the Ukrainian and the American political establishment. While Biden is one of the main candidates from the Democrats in the election.

Taylor also said that the US President threatened Kiev with a delay of financial assistance in the event of failure of its requirements. This plan allegedly knew Walker, Sandland, Minister of energy Rick Perry, recently departed from his post, and the personal lawyer of President Rudy Giuliani.

It is worth noting that the main impetus to the investigation against trump gave the employee of one of special services of the USA, who complained to the authorities that trump pushed Zelensky during a telephone conversation. The transcript of the conversation was published by the White house.

The name of the informant is not disclosed, it is carefully guarded: he was placed under Federal protection due to threats that followed his address, reports CBS News. The security forces, as it became known, he feared for his life because the supporters of the President promised to give $50,000 for information about his personality and information about other informants.

However, as reported by the Daily Beast, assistant to Republican Congressman — Chairman of the Committee on intelligence David Nunez — Darek Harvey has already told senior Republicans the name of the alleged informant.

The trump previously said about wanting to meet with the intelligence officer who was the Complainant. He stressed that the Prosecutor submitted his conversation with Zelensky “absolutely incorrect and fraudulent”. In addition, the President said he wants to see the person who handed the informant the information that was the basis for his report.

In fact recently began to appear and the second informant, which the ABC News television told the American lawyer, mark Zaid. According to the lawyer, he represents the interests of the second informant, who also complained of a phone conversation trump and Zelensky.

Meanwhile, the U.S. justice Department reclassified under control investigate “Russian interference” in the American presidential election in a criminal case. Up to this point the test was merely administrative in nature. This can give trumps Trump in the struggle against those who initiated the investigation if the Department will be able to find information in favor of the President of the United States.


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