The three rules of saving from a stroke

The representative of the British Association for the fight against stroke (Stroke Association) Claire Shuttleworth told what principles should be followed to reduce the risk of stroke to a minimum. For this, the expert urges to adhere to proper diet, do not neglect physical exercise and avoid bad habits.

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According to experts, the most important and controllable risk factor of stroke can be called high blood pressure, so it should be regularly measured, as well as to take measures to maintain this indicator at an optimum level. Adherence to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, according to experts, plays a key role.

Shattlvorf, among other things, cited a number of studies have demonstrated that regular physical activity more than a quarter reduce the risk of stroke. According to the expert, for maximum effect people should devote at least 150 minutes a week of such exercises as Cycling or walking at a fast pace. Thus, according to the expert, do not have to devote to physical exercise a lot of time running, but half an hour a day, broken into short periods, can be an effective approach to maintaining blood pressure.

Smoking and alcohol, according to the expert, increase the risk of stroke because of cigarettes constricts blood vessels and arteries and alcohol raises blood pressure and causes arrhythmia. Selecting a diet, Shuttleworth advised to avoid fatty, fried and too salty foods, while increasing consumption of fiber.

The expert noted that high blood pressure often increases with age. Another factor may be hormone therapy, to which sometimes resort women over 50.


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