In the United States survive the invasion of fish-snakehead are able to hunt in water and on land

The inhabitants of the U.S. state of Georgia is concerned about the invasion of fishes like snakehead, the predominant habitat which are the Russian and Chinese waters. American experts fear that these creatures can cause significant damage to the flora and fauna.

The snakehead have a voracious appetite. In addition, there were cases when the above creation is eaten by larger reptiles and other creatures on land. The researchers noted that the fish-snakehead afford to live without any water in four days. In the Arsenal of data creatures have powerful jaws, large teeth and the ability to wander through different bodies of water.

The fish also was given the nickname tank because she quite often eats up everything in its path. Despite the fact that the first information about these creatures appeared 20 years, the rise of their population came in today. This publication reports League news Russia. Every year their range expands. According to some opinions, the people kept the snakehead in the aquarium. When I learned about their predatory disposition, I decided to just empty into drains.

Previously, experts predicted that the invasion of microorganisms, arrived from Siberia, could destroy the European continent. It should be noted that their revival after 50000 years of dormancy may take place due to the impact of carbon dioxide.

We will remind, Ukrainians survived the invasion of the poisonous guest. This incident was witnessed in Kiev. Local residents drew attention to the fact that never beheld the appearance of such a gigantic arachnid.


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