WhatsApp company has accused the Israeli firm in the surveillance of diplomats and journalists

The company WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, was sued by the Israeli firm NSO Group. She is accused of spying on users messenger. This was reported on his official website.

In a lawsuit submitted in California court, alleges that in April-may 2019 NSO Group used the WhatsApp servers to distribute malicious software on 1400 mobile phones. In particular, viruses have been infected by various journalists, human rights activists and diplomats from Bahrain, UAE and Mexico.

“This is the first case when the provider of encrypted messages is taking legal action against private persons, who carried out a similar attack on users… We require a permanent injunction to the NSO Group for using our services”, — said in a statement WhatsApp.

In early may, WhatsApp announced the vulnerability, which allowed them to install a virus on a smartphone, by calling the user in messenger. A malicious program developed by the NSO Group were allowed to infect the gadget, even if the user didn’t answer


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