Kazakhstan archaeologists have found a “Golden man” of the V century BC

В Казахстане археологи нашли «золотого человека» V века до нашей эры

In the steppes of Western Kazakhstan near the village of Taskopa the Institute of archeology named after Alkey Margulan found some burials of the V century BC. One of them contained the remains of men and a large number of gold objects.

The mound called Taskopa I height of about three meters and a diameter of about 60 meters, occupies a commanding height in the valley Amy will.

“In the burial catacombs at a depth of 5.7 meters, despite the destruction of the mound by robbers in antiquity, discovered belt decoration of a horse harness, main funerary object (possible headdress) ornate gold products. The material is made in “animal” style, which indicates a high level of development of Sarmatian society on the territory of Aktobe region”, — wrote in Facebook the head of the expedition Arman beisembaev.

Because of the abundance of the precious metal archaeologists called Sarmatian leader “gold man”. Among the discovered artifacts were also religious items and weapons: stone altars-altars and incense burners, as well as arrowheads, swords akinak and pottery.

Because of the importance of this burial, and obtaining the maximum possible scientific information, archaeologists conducted initial preservation of the burial ground. The very burial of the extracted monolith for further study in the laboratory. From the burial pit samples for various laboratory tests and analyses.

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