The cow attacked the farmer from Texas

A cow with a bad temper named Belle violently attacked its owner and sent him to the ICU. Moreover, it was not the first attack taken by it.

A cow named Belle shattered his owner’s ribs, punctured a lung and torn spleen, with the result that he ended up in the ICU.

Greg Nolen of Alvin, Texas, USA, said that his cow brown-white colors start to show aggression after last month she had a calf. Remembering her worst outburst of rage, the farmer added, “When she threw me, she broke my ribs with one hand – all except one. It is, in fact, pierced my ribs, lungs and severed spleen”. Greg added: “It turned into a much more violent and crazy animal… It can be a bit mentally unstable”.

During the first attack Belle drove Greg into the corner and hit his head. After the incident, she stepped up the pressure and the result of the next attack Greg was in the hospital. Farmer saved his roommate Sabrina, who managed to stop the attack, striking Bellview on the head. Greg told KTRK that Belle could kill him, if not interfered with Sabrina.

But despite the horrible behavior of cows, in the near future it is not threatened with turning into steaks and burgers.

Greg said that he will continue to take care of her, explaining: “She’s officially registered as a representative of the breed Braford, and I’ve invested a lot of money to buy it for my granddaughter. Was animals are very valuable”. Now Bellvei will give birth to more calves, which will present exhibitions of livestock.

And its owner hopes that her bad behavior will serve as a reminder to others that they were afraid of angry cows.


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