Astronomers surprised, what was the climate on Venus 1 billion years ago

Representatives of the academic world have reconstructed climate conditions on Venus, which were present on the planet in the Solar system 1 billion years ago. As you know, at the moment it is a space object reigned 460-degree heat, and atmospheric pressure 90 times above the earth.

Scientists were pretty surprised when, during the reconstruction of climate has found that a billion years ago Venus was suitable for the existence of climatic conditions. The stark contrast is the current situation on the planet. According to preliminary information, the air of Venus is saturated with carbon dioxide, which on Earth only 0.04%. That is why any of the factors related to the origin of water and life, cannot be considered. Also surprisingly strong was the fact that 700 million years ago on the planet there was a massive ocean, in which there was life. This publication reports League news Russia.

Model last this planet the astronomers have recreated Michael Wei and Anthony Del Genio working in the Institute of space research NASA’s Goddard. These studies became known at the conference EPSC-DP in Geneva, Switzerland.

Previously, scientists have confirmed the presence of the shadow spots on Venus. A distinctive feature of these anomalies is the possibility of the existence of being. During the study found particles of identical size and behavior.

We will remind, supporters of the world conspiracy explained the phenomenon of the disappearance of Venus the influence of Planet X. it’s likely that a devastating cosmic body dismembered neighbor Blue planet into little pieces.


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