“There are differences”: the Syrian constitutional Committee met in Geneva

«Есть разногласия»: сирийский конституционный комитет собрался в ЖеневеThe first meeting of the constitutional Committee on Syria, which needs to find a way out of military-political deadlock, took place in Geneva. And once it became clear — the official Damascus, the opposition and civil society is enough disagreement. What is the role of Russia, Turkey and the United States in resolving the conflict — in the article “Газеты.Ru”.

In Geneva has opened the first meeting of the constitutional Committee of Syria, which should prepare the constitutional reform in the SAR in order for it to hold elections in the country and initiate a political settlement of the situation in that state.

Only the Council chamber, where the ceremony took place, attended by 150 delegates representing official and the Syrian government and the opposition.

Just once since the start of the ceremony became apparent disagreements among members of the Committee: four seats at the table of the delegation of the civil society were empty, although the representatives themselves were in the room.

As explained by RIA “Novosti” one of the members of the delegation Mays Creedy, not all members of the group wanted to sit at the same table with others.

“We have some disagreements within the group. Now, before the negotiations, we must learn to understand each other, learn to trust each other. You know who came from those areas that are controlled by “Ahrar al-sham” (banned in Russia. — “Газета.Ru”) how can we know who support terrorists and who is not? We need to learn to trust each other,” she said.

At the same time, there are a number of other factors that must be considered in Syria. In particular, the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov said in Geneva on 30 October that the actions of the United States, which announced the withdrawal of troops, but left the military in Syria, citing the need to protect oil installations are illegal.

The Russian diplomat reminded that the US and American allies in Syria are “illegal, contrary to the position of the legitimate government”.

Washington informed, indeed, announced the withdrawal of its military contingent, which has 1,000 employees, but has announced that it will leave a small amount of military. In this case

the Secretary of defense mark Esper has made it clear that, although the official mission of the United States — the protection of the oil fields of Syria from terrorists, Washington also does not give approach to objects neither Syrian authorities nor the Russian military.

According to oil & gas edition of OilPrice.catfish, in the Syrian oil fields that control the USA contains 75% of all stocks of Syrian oil.

Washington’s desire to control the oil reserves that are of vital importance for the reconstruction of Syria, gives US a powerful lever to put pressure on Damascus. “The US decision to keep forces in northeastern Syria to protect the oilfields, depriving Assad’s access to much-needed funds and restore the state after eight years of civil war,” — said on 30 October, the Dubai newspaper Gulf News.

In this case the leading expert of Gulf State Analytics in Washington Theodore Karasik says, “Газете.Ru” that the purpose of such action by the USA — to show, who in the future will control the device of the Syrian Republic.

And this process occurs when started in Geneva a meeting of the Syrian constitutional Committee, launched by the foreign Minister of Russia Lavrov and his colleagues from Turkey Mevlut Cavusoglu and Iran’s Javad Zarif.

What will the Committee do?

The task of the constitutional Committee, to develop either a new Constitution or to amend the basic law. They must ensure that transit to a post-war Syria.

Part of the amendments to the Constitution have been made to Damascus, however, the document still retains the character of a presidential Republic, which provides virtually unlimited opportunities for incumbent President Bashar al-Assad.

For the elaboration of the new law, the Committee should establish a permanent Commission of 45 people from government, opposition and civil society representatives.

The task now is to set your watch with the special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Geir Pedersen prior to the first meeting of the Committee. The official was optimistic, calling the upcoming meeting “the first concrete political agreement.”

Representatives of the parties hope for success, however, the formation of the Committee was postponed many times. The original constitutional Committee, composed of 150 people was planned to create in 2018, but the government and the opposition could not find a common language.

Now, when most of Syria is under the control of government forces, the opposition no choice but to engage in dialogue.

According to TASS, the staff of the Committee are still unknown except for the names of the two co-chairs. Is Ahmed Kuzbari — from Damascus, and Hadi al-bahra, will represent the Syrian opposition.

Kuzbari well known in Moscow, he is a member of the international Affairs Committee of the Parliament of the Syrian Arab Republic. As for al-Bahr, that he at one time headed the National coalition of Syrian revolutionary and opposition forces and landed on the talks in Moscow.

In Russia, which actually achieved a military victory in Syria, awaiting the commencement of the political process as the possibility of establishing in the country a stable political system. As recently noted by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the idea of this Committee came in Sochi, at the Congress of the Syrian people, which was presented to the various political forces, including the opposition and the government.

The other day the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the very beginning of the work of the constitutional Committee on Syria will be an important step in the regulation of issues in the region.

He noted, however, that the solution to the conflict will be long and difficult. Peskov added that the Syrian issue cannot be excluded roughness. “Nobody wears “pink glasses”,” — said Peskov.

It should be noted that Geneva is not only a place where there will be a meeting of the Syrian constitutional Committee, but also a platform for negotiations of official Damascus and the Syrian opposition. Hadi al-Bahr told RIA “news” that he hoped to conduct parallel negotiations with Damascus. The opposition leader recalled that the Constitution is only one item of negotiations and dialogue between the opposition and the Syrian government is about elections, terrorism and the future governance of the country.


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