In Canada, researchers have created a unique shield of invisibility: frames

Canadian experts are the authors of the open shield of invisibility. A distinctive feature of the invention, it is possible to call it a slight thickness and the ability to completely hide any kind of objects. This innovation received the name of Qunatum Stealth.

Newly open is the epitome of slim and cheap material, which does not require external power sources and has the ability to hide other natural formations. This publication reports League news Russia.

The technology is based on use of lenticular, which is an array containing the PLANO-convex cylindrical lenses. Such are the properties of the image, the appearance of which changes depending on the viewing angle. In turn, the refraction of the light fluxes Hypertealth material occurs in such a way that the field of view are nearby or distant objects.

So a person can become completely invisible if you stand behind this screen.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia has stirred an accident involving a toddler invisible. Followers of alternative science claim that it could be swinging on a swing phantom. This incident greatly affected the psychological state of the witnesses anomalies.

Recall the end of 2017 was marked in Russia by the creation of membrane suits invisible. The present invention is embodied in reality, in the framework of the intentions of the defense Department to create a more powerful patrol service in Russia.


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