In Colombia, found the ruins of the 1200-year-old Golden city of Eldorado

In isolated from public view areas located in the Colombian hillsides, it was possible to identify fragments of the lost settlement. The researchers believe that in the above case we are talking about the mythical city of El Dorado.

Their own conclusions of the experts based on the legends of the local population about the existence of the Golden city. It should be noted that attempts to find the means of enrichment was not successful. According to preliminary calculations, the identified age of the metropolis is of the order of 1200 years.

The decline of massive settlements occurred during the Spanish conquest. The discovery was succeeded by a LIDAR device. Surprising is the fact that the fragments of the Dorado was located at 1500 meters altitude. This publication reports League news Russia.

The wreckage of buildings carefully concealed in the trees, but were listed on the three-dimensional map created during the overflight. Eldorado built a civilization Tayrona. The Spanish believed that the people obsessed with the cult of gold.

It was noted earlier that the legendary Turkish city of Hasankeyf prepared for the unpleasant fate. The experts noted that the rash decision of local authorities to build a hydroelectric power plant can complete a full flooding of the settlement. The population requires the city to designate a heritage of UNESCO.

We will remind, in the pyramid found a hole which could be hiding the legendary Egyptian city. It is likely that the residents of the old city in Ancient Egypt there is no sign of life.


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