The conflict in White house: Ukraine splitting associates trump

Конфликт в Белом доме: Украина рассорила соратников ТрампаJohn Sullivan, who may become the American Ambassador to Russia, said that he knew about the campaign personal lawyer Donald trump, Rudolph Giuliani, against former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. Giuliani also accused Sullivan of denying his work in Kiev. The open confrontation between two members of the team trump reveals serious contradictions in the us administration.

In the spring and summer of 2019, the personal lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani participated in the campaign against the American Ambassador in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, said US Undersecretary of state John Sullivan, which trump plans to appoint Ambassador to Russia. About it Sullivan told on October 30 the Senate Committee that considered his nomination.

Giuliani did not stay aside: on Twitter he said that “a donkey doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” and called those statements part of an “orchestrated attempt to harass [of Giuliani] and prevent [his] work” in Ukraine.

This debate — albeit in absentia, but still quite sharp — between Giuliani and Sullivan, who both work for the President of the United States, demonstrates the conflict of various still within the administration.

Earlier, in an interview with “Газетой.Ru” the American expert Samuel Charap team called trump “the opposing team”. This characteristic was once used in respect of the administration of U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt.

It is unclear whether the statements of Giuliani to the appointment of Sullivan’s Ambassador to Russia. As expected, it needs to be approved in the Senate before the end of the week. Deputy Secretary of state, the future Ambassador and worked for two years.

In 2018 Sullivan a short time headed the state Department while supervisor was not approved Mike Pompeo.

In the field of international relations Sullivan works since 2010, before that worked in various positions in the U.S. justice Department and the Pentagon. Early in his career in the diplomatic field he headed a special government Committee on the establishment of economic relations between the US and Iraq.

Ambassador Yovanovitch, in question, was appointed to his post under President Barack Obama. It is known that, in private conversations it is unflattering comments about trump. When this information became known to the General public, the US President’s son Donald trump, Jr. stated that jovanović should be fired.

She Jovanovic said that trump sought her resignation. She spoke about it during testimony in the house of representatives of the us Congress during the hearings of the Commission on impeachment.

She reported that the March of 2019, he asked her to take the post of Ambassador in Kiev until 2020, but in April, she was ordered back to Washington as quickly as possible. So, it has been withdrawn from Ukraine in may.

Yovanovitch also spoke with Deputy Secretary of state, who gave that trump has lost confidence in it and doesn’t want to see her on the post of Ambassador.

Jovanovic was not the first Ambassador of the United States, which is opposed by trump. So, he dismissed the British Ambassador to the US Kim Darroch, describing the latter as “stupid” and “crazy”.

Such a harsh reaction to the scandal caused by the secret correspondence Darroch directed British counterparts, contained unflattering characteristics to the trump. The messages of the Ambassador complained about “incompetence” and “helplessness” of Washington, but also claimed that the current American leader is waiting for the “shameful” end of a career.

While Sullivan will lead the American Embassy in Moscow in not the best period of relations between our countries. In 2016, the US and Russia are diplomatic struggle – then the state Department declared persona non grata 35 Russian diplomats, and subsequently closed to the Russians access to the suburban complexes of the Russian Embassy in new York and Maryland. The situation since then has only escalated.

It should be noted that after coming to the White house trump the situation in the state deteriorated markedly. The Agency suffers from shortages of staff, and morale has deteriorated. “From what I heard, a significant part of his own Department had lost confidence in his leadership,” writes in a recent article in Business Insider, one of the employees of the state Department since the Obama administration Brett Bruen.

Now only 52% of new ambassadors speak the language of the host country, while the figure was 62% under President Ronald Reagan. Only 5% is assigned when trump ambassadors know the region of your stay, under Reagan, there were 26%.


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