How to clean the keyboard inside and outside

Как почистить клавиатуру снаружи и внутри

Your keyboard may have more germs than a toilet seat. To get rid of them, but at the same time from dust, dirt and spilled coffee, not so difficult.

Surface cleaning

Once a month you need to carry out surface cleaning. It eliminates dust and crumbs (for those who like to chew on something delicious in front of the monitor).

Flip and shake the keyboard a bit. Part of the garbage will disappear at this stage.

Take a small brush or a brush for painting and the dust and the crumbs stuck between the keys.

To get rid of dust in hard to reach areas with a special USB vacuum cleaner for keyboard or cans of compressed air, which are sold in digital stores and appliances (cleaning products). Suitable and conventional hair dryer, but only if the keys sit tightly and there is no chance that the debris will just clog deeper.

Blow out the keyboard, you can only cold air.

To remove fat from the keys, go over them with a paper towel or microfiber.

Prophylactic cleaning in any case do not use wet rags: inside the keypad should not be exposed to liquid. High — wet wipes for computer.

Deep cleaning

Every three months you need to disassemble and clean the keyboard. The same will have to do if you have something to throw at it.

Method 1. Standard

This method is ideal for cleaning internal laptop keyboard.

Remove the key. Usually buttons are fastened with latches. They are easy to pull the clip with a flat head screwdriver or a knife, starting from a side edge of a key. This should be done very carefully, because thin plastic is easily damaged.

Как почистить клавиатуру снаружи и внутри

Please pay special attention on the long keys such as Shift, Enter and spacebar. Usually they are attached with metal clips, so to remove and re-fix it harder. If you are not confident, better not touch them. On some laptops this possibility is generally not provided.

Clean the mounting location. Walk around the joints of flannel cloth, a damp cloth or paper towel. You can blow out the keyboard with the inner side of a can of compressed air or cold hair dryer.

Don’t forget to take a picture of the keyboard before dismantling.

Rinse the keys with plain water, soapy water or antiseptic. Alternative method: put all the buttons into a clean sock, tie it up, soak in detergent, and then hold it under running water.

Dry the keys. If you do not want to wait until the moisture has evaporated, use a Hairdryer.

First attach the large keys, then all the others. Then you will need a photograph that you did before cleaning.

Method 2. Complete disassembly

Take a photo of the keyboard, and then turn it with a screwdriver and Unscrew the screws. Open the device and place both halves on the table inner side up.

Как почистить клавиатуру снаружи и внутри

The lower part can be put aside, so as to clean it is not necessary.

Gently push the key out. Pay attention to spacebar and Shift, which can be additionally secured with metal pins. Press Enter do not remove: normally she has a very complicated device, so putting it back will be very difficult.

Как почистить клавиатуру снаружи и внутри

Put all the keys in the sink and rinse under running water or leave it on while in dezinficiruyusch solution. If the plastic is badly stained, go over it with a soft toothbrush. Then dry the key.

Rinse the upper part of the keyboard under running water, removing with a toothbrush contamination, especially in the corners and the joints. Then allow it to dry.

Как почистить клавиатуру снаружи и внутри

Secure key in the initial position. If clicking is heard clicking, all right: the button is tightly secured.

Connect the top and bottom of the keyboard, tighten the screws.

Connect the device to the computer and make sure all keys work.

Method 3. Cleaning after liquid spill

Keyboard shed with water, hot coffee or any other beverage, immediately turn it upside down and shake well. Wipe with a dry cloth.

Leave overnight to dry out the keyboard. If on the following day, some keys sticking or not working, use the first or the second method of cleaning.

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