The guy has lived for 20 years with 9 toes — and only now been able to remove them

A resident of China who was born with nine toes of the left foot finally went through surgery to remove excess 4.

Adjohoun spent all my childhood, almost without communicating with peers and are too embarrassed to ask a girl out on a date. Parents believed that his polydactyly is a good sign. So they allegedly told the teller.

Parents called 9 fingers the boy a “gift from God” and believed that, if anything, they are easy to hide shoes. Superstitious guy’s family was totally against the operation — but he was looking forward to when you grow up and can get rid of the uncomfortable “gift”.

Surgery patients with polydactyly is usually done on the first and second year of a child’s life. The maximum age up to which you can postpone the surgery for 6 years. In this case, the baby’s limbs are developing and functioning properly.


X-rays, made 21-year-old boy, showed how strong was the deformation of the foot. Physicians surgical hospital of Shunde Heping in Foshan held for nine hours, creating a new thumb and removing the extra 4.

Now Adjohoun — absolutely happy and believes that his foot looks perfect.


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