Scientists are unable to unravel the phenomenon of the wreck of the ship John Franklin

Scientists said the safety of the ship terror, which was under the command of John Franklin, will provide an opportunity to open a 170-year-old mystery. As you know, this vehicle has sunk in the middle of the XIX century.

The first wreck was witnessed by the island of king William, which is geographically located in the Northern regions of Canada. When the area is reigned to the excellent weather conditions and visibility in the water, researchers decided to explore such an unimaginable phenomenon. To big surprise, the 170-year-old ship was almost without any significant damage. According to the archeologist Ryan Harris, bowls, glasses, beds, tables, tools, cabins and decks were able to keep the original appearance, despite the abundance of water and such a striking time period. This publication reports League news Russia.

These layers of sediment with cold water and the darkness created an almost perfect anaerobic environment, which is great for preserving delicate organic substances such as textiles or paper. There is a very high probability to find clothes or documents, which can make out the text. The ship didn’t have any visible preconditions for the collapse.

Previously, the researchers found the phenomenon of images on boulders in the Chersonese. If initially the neighborhood was attended by only 8 creatures, then a few years later, the number was several times larger.

We will remind, before they were made public the phenomenon of the hum, which never left the depths of the Indian ocean over the last six decades. A distinctive feature of the phenomenon was its strong power in the depths than on land.


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