20 essential tips for the kitchen

Sometimes cooking in the kitchen turns into a living hell: boils and splatters the oil escapes milk doesn’t come out burnt frying pan, and over it all you with tears in his eyes from Luke.

We decided to collect for you the tips for cooking, cleaning and organizing the kitchen space, which you may not have suspected.

20 незаменимых советов для кухниTips for cooking

20 незаменимых советов для кухни1. How to quickly clean vegetables from seeds
To easily remove seeds from pumpkin or squash, use a special spoon for ice cream. Its sharp edge easily will save the vegetables from the seeds. Also, this spoon can you arrange melkorublenoy salads.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни2. How to deliver the prepared dish from excess fat
If the finished dish was surprisingly rich, you can easily remove the excess fat with a few pieces of ice and paper towels. Wrap ice in a napkin and run it over the surface of the meal. The floating ice attracts fat like a magnet and he freezes on the napkin.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни3. Contact with the food film chef
Food film stretches and breaks? Store it in the refrigerator, as do all chef’s in the world. Cold foil is easy to use, adheres less and does not cause the usual irritation.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни4. Easy clean citrus
Tip especially for those who don’t like to peel oranges, lemons or tangerines: place the fruit in the microwave for 20 seconds, then easily peel the fruit from the rind.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни5. Simplify cleaning boiled eggs
Add soda or vinegar to the water when boiling eggs. Both substances penetrate into the shell and facilitate separation from the protein.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни6. How to squeeze more juice from citrus
To get the most juice from a lemon, first chill the fruit, and then send in the microwave for 15-20 seconds.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни7. How to easily grate soft cheese
Before rubbing, place cheese in freezer for 30 minutes. Hardened cheese will not stick to the grater and become more crumbly.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни8. What to do to avoid crying when cutting onions
Before cutting onion, put it in the freezer for 30 minutes. However, this method is suitable only if you are going to continue to fry onions or send it to stew, to salads like this its not worth it to put.
If you cut an onion for a salad — often moisten the knife with water.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни9. How to cook the pasta
Not to wait until the water, which is used to prepare pasta, boil, or not to overlook it, place on top of pan with wooden spatula or spoon. The tree will not allow the rising foam to overflow.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни10. How to cook a whole bird
When baked the chicken (or other bird) in full, put her on the breast. The fact that the breast meat most of all: the closer it is to the heat source, the more likely it will be baked.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни11. Parchment paper for cupcakes
If you do not have special molds for cupcakes, use parchment paper instead. Besides using this method you will get custom cupcakes that will look much more interesting.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни

12. Preheat the baking correctly
To reheat pizza or any other baked goods in the microwave, set next to a glass of water. Therefore, the evaporated moisture will not give too overdry baked crust.

Storage tips

20 незаменимых советов для кухни1. Save the greens for cooking
To save all useful properties of greens, freeze it in molds for ice. You can use water or olive oil.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни

2. Cleaned properly stored nuts
Freeze shelled nuts, so they retain all the useful properties, taste and aroma. Put the peeled nuts in an airtight container, close tightly and place in the freezer. Not necessary to pre-fry kernel otherwise benefit from them have no will. The nuts in the container must be put crude. Another advantage of this method of storage: the nuts do not appear rancid taste, formed over time, if you store them at room temperature.

Cleaning tips

20 незаменимых советов для кухни1. Clean cast-iron cookware correctly
To cast iron cookware does not rust, it is not necessary to clean it by conventional means. For cleaning better to use ordinary coarse salt. This way, everything else, save the dishes from the obsessive smell of the spices that you used while cooking.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни2. How to rid hands of odor
To save your hands from obsessive smell of onions or garlic, use lemon or baking soda. Just RUB their hands and rinse with water.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни3. How to make the dishes original luster
To bring back the Shine of chrome utensils, wash it with a solution of vinegar with water. If there are no electrical elements, for best results, you can soak the dishes overnight in the same solution.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни4. Return wooden spoons working condition
Wooden spatula and spoon will eventually lose their form and acquire an unpleasant odor. It would seem that there is only one solution: throw them out. But, if you feel sorry to part with their favorite kitchen helpers is the solution. Boil the wooden spoon with plain water and dry in the sun. Thus you will get rid of the unpleasant smell and give them a second life.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни5. Properly clean a wooden cutting Board
To save a wooden Board from the smell and food residue, RUB it with coarse salt and leave in this state for 10-15 minutes. Wipe it with a half of lemon and dry. This procedure is guaranteed to not leave a trace of unpleasant odors.

20 незаменимых советов для кухни7. How to keep your recipes clean
We often cook recipe book or our own records. It is very difficult to place the book on the table for the needed page, and this situation absolutely does not guarantee that it will not get dirty from splashes during cooking. To protect your cookbook from dirt, use an ordinary hanger for trousers. The clips will lock you to the desired page, and in limbo the book will be more secure.

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