What part of the beef for which dish to use

A good hostess must know what kind of meat how to cook, it’s key to a tasty meals. Certain cuts of beef are perfect for grilling, others for mince, and others only for the broth. Save this article and do not get lost in the variety of meat on the market and in the store!

Какую часть говядины для какого блюда использовать1. Neck, desperately (grade 3) — contains the tendon, but has good taste. Suitable for cooking (including long), stewing. Meals: filling soups and broths, stuffings, cutlets, goulash, chant, jelly (jelly).

2. The dorsal portion/thin edge/thick edge/entrecote (grades 1,2) — can be prepared and served to the table with the bones. Thick edge – soft, fine-fibered meat contains 4-5 ribs. The thin edge has excellent taste, contains 4-5 ribs. The steak is tender intercostal portion of the meat located along the vertebrae.

3. Sirloin butt/sirloin (grade 1) — soft meat, thin layer of fat. Suitable frying (including fast), fire. Dishes: cutlets, chops, croquettes, steak, beef Stroganoff (top sirloin), pancakes, rolls, different stuffings and toppings.

4. Sirloin, tenderloin (grade 1) — very valuable and soft part of the carcass, non-greasy, no streaks. Suited frying, baking in one piece. Also suitable for grilling. Dishes: roast beef, steak, chops, kebabs, ASE.

5. Rump (SRT 1) — is characterized by its tenderness. Good taste. The inner part is the most valuable. Suitable stewing, boiling, frying, stuffing, baking. Cuisine: burgers, meatballs, beef Stroganoff (the inner portion), soup, broth.

6. Knuckle (mid-thigh), dipstick (inner thigh), Silverside (lower thigh) (grade 1) — fine-fibre low-fat meat, good taste. Suitable braising, boiling, baking. Cuisine: burgers, roast beef, soups, broths.

7. Abdomen, flank (curl) (grade 2) — the consistency of the meat tough, but the taste is not bad. May contain fat, bone, cartilage, and film. Choice ground beef, boiling. Dishes: chops, meatballs, meatloaf, soups, noodles, soup, broth.

8. Backstrap (grade 1) — meat contains layers of fat and has excellent taste. Suitable cooking, stewing, stuffing. Meals: goulash, ABC, burgers, filling soups.

9. Shoulder (grade 2) — a bit harsh fiber, lean meats, can have thick veins. Choice boiling, stewing, stuffing. Cuisine: steak, goulash, ASE, chicken pie, meatloaf.

10. Breast (grade 1) — the meat has a layered structure and marbling. Good taste. This part is boiled, stewed, baked, chopped (stuffed). Dishes: roasts, soups, borscht.

11. Sirloin (grade 3) — hard but has a good flavor and aroma (due to gelatin). Suits slow roasting and braising large pieces. Meals: goulash, ABC, soups.

12. 13. Shank, knuckle (grade 3) — multiple tendons, connective tissues. Bone and brain contains gelatin. But a good taste. May be felt stickiness after cooking. Perfect slow cooking. Meals: soups, jellies (jelly). From the pulp possible: chops, cutlets, meatballs, rolls, etc.


Bon appetit!

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