The arrest of Boris Mazo in Austria: what are the charges against a former Russian official

In the Austrian capital detained former official of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation Boris Mazo, and in southern Spain arrested his son and ex-wife. Maso is accused of embezzlement in especially large amounts during the restoration of the Hermitage.

In Vienna arrested a former senior official of the Ministry of culture of Russia Boris Mazo. At the same time in southern Spain arrested his ex-wife and son, reports with reference to the BBC Russian service.

As said by the lawyer of Boris Mazo Vladislav Musiyaka, Russia for more than a year seeking the extradition of a former official from Austria. “For the past year in the district court of Vienna addressed the issue of extradition of my client from Austria to Russia. And this process is constantly delayed”, – quotes the words of a lawyer Agency.

In an interview with RIA Novosti, Vladislav Musiyaka said that the former official has detained and delivered in police of Austria for questioning on the territory of Vienna. “For what reason – I don’t know,” he added.

On the detention of former Russian official also told RIA Novosti the representative of Prosecutor’s office of Vienna Nina Bussek, but the name of the detainee, she said. According to her, the prosecution asked the court about the arrest of the man.

In the framework of police operation were also arrested by the Spanish lawyer working in Malaga, according to Spanish police.

All the detainees are suspected of money laundering when buying luxury property in Marbella worth 4 million euros. The police assumes that these funds were proceeds of crime in Russia.

The investigation began last year after Russia sent the Spanish authorities a request for the arrest and extradition of the former official. In Russia it appeared in the case of embezzlement 7.2 million dollars allocated for the reconstruction of the Hermitage, said in a statement.

The detainee also held on charges of embezzling $ 2.6 million intended for restoration of architectural monuments in different cities of Russia (so-called case of renovation).

According to the Spanish police, the family of the former official lives in Spain in 2015, the same year she bought a house in Marbella, which funds were transferred from Bank accounts in Switzerland.

The source of Interfax has confirmed that the Spanish authorities became interested in the mansion of the family of Mazo in Spain.

“This house was originally a Russian court was seized in the investigation of cases of embezzlement of funds during the construction of the Hermitage. But a year security measures were taken, as the court pointed out that this house is the property of a third party, supposedly in good faith of their holding. Then in Austria and Spain were directed requests”, – stated in the message.

It was also reported that Interpol, the Russian side violated the Charter during the arrest Bogacheva.


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