The payment of pensions to residents of Donbass: the Donetsk told what is wrong Sivoho

Residents of Donetsk, not controlled by Ukrainian security forces, are convinced that Sergei Sivoho engaged in populism and in fact totally failed to see a clear procedure and mechanism for the payment of pensions to Donetsk.

Residents of Donetsk, which in the spring of 2014 outside of Kiev, I believe that the adviser to the Secretary of the NSDC of Ukraine Sergey Sivoho made a populist statement that in these areas it will be possible to pay pensions. Such a bold initiative showman and official it seems quite “space”, reports Диалог.UA with reference to publishing the Facts, the journalists who directly communicated with the residents of Donbass.

The journalists talked with the locals to see how they react to the disengagement in the region and whether they are initiatives of the new Ukrainian government.

One of the locals said they had heard about the idea Sivoho, which concerns the payment of pensions uncontrolled part of Donbass and considers her crazy. He is convinced that it is impossible to implement with the current state of Affairs. He also noted that Sivoho – a populist who decided to take the initiative, but had not thought of.

He also asks the rhetorical question to the Advisor of national security Council Secretary: “Why would he want the language?” if not be able to perform.

Prior to that, was appointed adviser to the national security Council Secretary Sergey Sivoho struck the social network, a statement about pensions for non-government-controlled areas of Donbass. Then he explained that to pay money to the territories is possible.

We also reported that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky quite surprised the public with his statement about the fate of the autonomy of Donbass.


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