From the rectum surgically removed a screwdriver

Mysterious abdominal pain men from Florida were the least concern to his doctors after they found in his rectum 8 inch screwdriver.

Male 46 years old, whose name was not called, suffered from a puncture in the stomach, which nearly resulted in his death. This led to septic shock, which he was in intensive care, as reported in the journal Annals of Medicine and Surgery. Sepsis destroyed part of the buttocks men, which had to be removed to remove the source of infection.

It took a CT scan to find out what has led to such symptoms, including pain in the abdomen and pelvis, explain the doctors from the medical center Kendall Regional Medical Center in Miami.

In the patient’s medical records reflected that he had a mental illness, including schizophrenia and manic-depressive psychosis. It is reported that the man had stopped taking medication. Later he was treated for a psychiatric disorder.

After the scan revealed a foreign object, the man immediately was given antibiotics and taken into surgery, where doctors tried to remove the screwdriver without surgery. But the hardened excrement made this way removal screwdriver impossible, because the surgeons had to cut open the abdominal cavity. There they found that the metal tip of the screwdriver broke through his intestines and crashed into the gluteal muscle.

While his rectum was not able to function as usual, the surgeons made so that waste out of his body by the tube, although they noted that the planned operation for the solution of this problem.

“2 weeks after surgery, the patient felt well”,- tell the doctors under the leadership of Joseph Shaban. “The patient has recovered and will now be held the treatment of his psychiatric problems”.

Doctors from Kendall Regional Medical Center would also like to add that at least 2 documented case of “screwdriver… discovered in the colon”, one of which led to the death of a person. Doctors do not explain how the man explained why he injected himself with a screwdriver in the body, but Dr. Shaban writes that “the most common reason for the introduction of foreign bodies into the anal passage is sexual pleasure”.

He cites other possible reasons, such as “concealment of drugs, violence, accident, psychiatric reasons, for the relief of diarrhea or constipation”. “The patient may not rush to tell the important information, as this can be an awkward situation,”he adds.


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