Mother of Julia Nachalova addressed with an important statement after the allegations against Isayeva

The latest allegations in Anna Isayeva, who was PR Manager Yulia Nachalova, discouraged many fans of the singer. Unscrupulous journalists suggest that Alice is involved in this early death of a popular singer.

Such rumors appeared not so long ago, but well shocked the public and the family of Yulia Nachalova, reports LIGAnews.

Usually the relatives lostyulia Nachalovo try to avoid journalists and do not like to give their comments. However, the assumption of unfair journalists, they decided to respond, misleading Days.

So, mother of Julia Nachalova Taisiya sharply said that such news is nonsense. She also added that Isayev in all the most difficult moments were with them and helped them survive their loss, so the charges to the other families is simply unacceptable. The deceased mother of the singer urged journalists to leave their family and friends alone, who still felt the loss of the popular favorite. Julia’s family Nachalova said that Anna Isaeva they lived for 20 years without a single conflict, so they invented disgusting to hear the media’s version.

The singer had been, in spite of her popularity and the popularity of the girl’s father of a football player Yevgeny Aldonin, first and foremost, she cares about humanity daughter. She was worried that her daughter Faith did not feel superior to others and grow a good man.


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