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In Budapest the fans of CSKA have arranged fight with supporters of the local “Ferencvaros” frames

In the Hungarian capital there were clashes between particularly active supporters of the local “ferencváros” and the Russian CSKA. Interestingly, the ultras groups from Serbia, Bulgaria and Poland also joined in the fight and, according to Russian media reports, took the side of Moscow “soldiers”.

Ultras CSKA Moscow rioted in the Hungarian capital Budapest just before the match of his club with the local “Ferencvaros” in the framework of the League of Europe, reports with reference to the Russian Dialogue.

It should be noted that the first match between these two teams, which took place in Moscow, was won by the Hungarians.

Telegram-channel “Export” reports that in the city there was a series of clashes between Russian and Hungarian fans. To help the fans of CSKA of profit ultras groups from Serbia, Bulgaria and Poland.

“The police of the Hungarian capital for several hours of literally standing on the ears. Partially blocked the subway. Limited surface transport”, – stated in the message.

“Strike fans started in the subway. Our very many and very aggressive. Occupied the train, drew the attention of the police. Poured from a bottle, eager for a fight” – written by eyewitnesses in social networks.

Journalist “Match TV” Michael mossakowski reports that the raging fans dispersed mounted police and dogs.

“In Budapest hot. Riots in the city and at the stadium. Local fans are trying to jump on the CSKA fans. Disperse mounted police and dogs,” writes the correspondent in his Twitter account.

Whether there are victims as a result of clashes of fans, is still unknown.

The match between CSKA and “Ferencvaros” started at 23:00 Moscow time.

It was also reported a mass fight in Moscow, where the murder occurred.


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