How to grow kiwi at home

Как вырастить киви в домашних условиях

Как вырастить киви в домашних условиях

Few people know that the kiwi fruit is called the Chinese gooseberry due to the fact that the historical homeland of this fruit is China. Benefits of kiwi is very large: this fruit normalizes blood clotting, reduces the risk of cancer and has a favorable effect on the digestive system. In addition, kiwi contains more vitamin C than citrus fruits.

We will tell you about how to grow kiwi at home. Be sure that it is no more difficult than caring for a regular potted plant!

How to grow kiwiКак вырастить киви в домашних условиях

  • To grow kiwi, you need to pick ripe fruit without visible defects, clean it and mash the pulp. Gulf pulp with water, give it a little brew. The bones themselves will surface — and they need to collect.Как вырастить киви в домашних условиях
  • Now that you have a seed can begin to germinate. Wrap them in cotton wool or gauze and place in a bowl, the Bay water so that it flowed over the edges when tilted. Cover the seeds with a film and leave in a warm Sunny place for 7-10 days.
  • When the seeds hatch they need to be transplanted into a pot. Pour on the bottom of the expanded clay and use the soil for tropical vines. Before you fill the soil, soak it in a water bath for a couple of hours to decontaminate. In the soil make the notch depth of 5-10 mm and place them 2-3 seeds. After that they need to cover with soil, water, cover with foil and send in a warm Sunny place.Как вырастить киви в домашних условиях
  • The first sprouts will appear in 3-6 days. From that stage, you need to get rid of the weak seedlings to give more space strong. In the early stages they can pull, then trim. Plants should be regularly thinned, and to water only separated by water: in autumn and in winter 2-3 times a month during spring and summer — 2 times a week. Hot summer days is better kiwi spray.Как вырастить киви в домашних условиях
  • When the plants reach a height of 10-12 cm, transplant them into individual pots. Following the watering and making sure that in a place where there are pots, it was Sunny and warm, you can count on the fruit after 3 years the simple but compulsory care. Kiwi blossoms large white flowers, so you definitely can’t miss them!Как вырастить киви в домашних условиях
  • Kiwi can be called a dessert fruit, because it has a sweet and rich taste. The kiwi fruit better than other fruits tolerate conservation, saving large amounts of vitamins due to the high content of acids. Many are preparing jam from kiwi, which retains useful properties for a very long time.

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